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Broadway is My Beat - 4 Cd set
Contribution: $100.00

All episodes of Broadway is My Beat on 4 mp3 discs

Creative Mind System and Barika Edwards interview with Jeffery Thompson package
Contribution: $90.00

Great artists, inventors, business visionaries, and other highly creative people seem to have brains which work in an extraordinary way, and in fact, they do. Neuroscience researchers agree that a common pattern of brainwave activity called the Creative Mind Pattern holds the key to their creative genius.

The Creative Mind System CD uses breakthrough audio processes which stimulate the Creative Mind Pattern in your own brainwaves, which brings you to a natural state of heightened creativity.

These powerful recording processes have been developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson during 15 years of clinical research with thousands of patients, including artists, scientists, and creative people in all walks of life. These are the same techniques which Dr. Thompson has used with senior executives in Fortune 500 Companies to help them face the creative challenges of the business world.

Jeffrey Thompson's recordings work by blending inaudible pulses of sound that mirror the Creative Mind Pattern into an ambient musical soundtrack. As you listen, your own brainwaves begin to reflect this same powerful brainwave pattern, drawing you easily into new dimensions of creativity, out-of-the-box problem solving, and spontaneous artistic expression.

Also included is a WBAI exclusive interview with Jeffery Thompson himself.
Dinner with James Irsay
Contribution: $1,000.00

Delicious food and lively conversation:
Enjoy dinner with Morning Irsay host James Irsay. You will be notified of the date and restaurant location after 10 people have pledged to dine with James. WBAI General manager Berthold Reimers and Interim Development Director Andrea Katz will be dining as well.
Golden Age Shep's Army - 2 CD's Set
Contribution: $75.00

Golden Age of Radio offers you this 2 CD Package:

The 2 disc set is of Jean Shepherd radio shows that make up the stories in the book "Shep's Army".
Power of Soul - One Man Changed the World of Music - DVD
Contribution: $75.00

Power of Soul - One Man Changed the World of Music: Gospel, funk,Hip Hop, Rare Groove, Blues, Rock N Roll.