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Contribution: $20.00

Wednesday, October 4, 6pm - 9pm
Resistance Raffle - A fundraiser to support WBAI - the media voice of resistance in NYC!

Join WBAI host James Irsay (Morning Irsay) and other listeners for an evening of music, food + beverages while bidding on art books, opportunities, classes, dinners, merchandise and more.

Music by WBAI DJ Tony Ryan (Soul Central Station).

Four $5 raffle tickets get you entry and a chance to win during each round of raffling chosen each 1/2 hour. Get your additional tickets during the night.

Raffle categories include:
Dinners for 2: Vegan, Italian, Nouvelle, Brooklyn Cuisine, Soul Food, Ethiopian
Services: Holistic Dentistry, Master Recording Session, Massage, Japanese Haircut, Eyelash Extension Set, Organic Body Care
Food + Drink: Chocolate Tour and Basket, Vegan Bakery Sampler, Cheese Package, Local Crafted Beer, Wine Collection
Classes: Pottery, Climbing, Glass Blowing, Trapeze, Yoga, Quigong, Cycling, Booze + Instrumental Lessons
Fine Art: Original artworks, prints and art books.
WBAI: Gary Null Stuff Basket, Book Grab Bag, DVD Grab Bag, Music Grab Bag, Guest DJ on The Air.


DONATIONS STILL BEING ACCEPTED - have a local business or offer a service you would like to make a tax deductible donation to WBAI for the raffle? Email andrea@wbai.org

At The Commons, 388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn 11217
Gary Null Plant Codes Premier - Ticket + DVD + Talk by Gary Null
Contribution: $25.00

Tuesday, August 15, 7pm - Doors open 6:30pm
The New School
66 W 12th Street NYC

Your name will be at the door.

Plant Codes: Unleashing Nature's Healing Power

There is a health crisis of epidemic proportions effecting our entire country. This year in the United States, we have spend over 3.5 trillion dollars on Healthcare. Considering we are getting fatter, sicker and have a shorter life span than ever before, something is terribly wrong. This film could save your life! The Standard American Diet is truly sad and it is killing us! The American diet has taken us down a path to dietary suicide. In Gary Null's newest film, Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature's Healing Powers, some of the America's leading doctors and their patients speak out about how a Plant Based Diet can prevent, treat, arrest and cure disease, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, hyper tension, heart disease and many other of the leading causes of death and disability.

Multinational corporations, market forces, the government and their agencies are controlling what we eat and manipulating the information we need to know, which would help us understand what is it is that is killing us. How the toxins, the chemicals, the genetically modified foods are undermining our immune systems. How the meat industry is more detrimental to our environment than the transportation industry. How meat, sugar,and diary is destroying our endothelium cells, leading to cardiovascular disease.

If you don't eat a Standard American Diet, you don't get standard American diseases.

By simply changing from the Standard American diet, based on the consumption of meat, diary, and sugar, and embracing an organic, Plant Based Diet, you can dramatically improve the quality of your health, your families health and the health of the planet.

Featured guests:
Neal Barnard MD, Chef David Bouley, Cauldwell B. Esselstyn MD, Colin Campbell MD, Thomas Campbell,MD, Rabbi Gabriel Cousins,MD, Garth Davis MD, Joel Furhma MD, Rashida Ghauri MD, Brooke Goldner MD, Michael Gregor MD, Andrew Harvey PhD, Brendan Kelly PhD, Baxter Montgomery MD, Marne O'Shae MD, Robert Ostfeld MD, Vandana Shiva PhD, H. Robert Silverstein MD, Dana S. Simpler MD, Philip Wollen.
Liquid Sound Lounge Summer Dance Mixes +1 2017 Boat Ticket - Credit Card Payment Only
Contribution: $75.00

August 11th, 11pm-3am, Aboard the Cabana, East 23rd Street Skyport Marina, Manhattan at 23rd street & the East River.

Must be 21+ years old. DJ Jeannie Hopper +Jay Rodriguez-sax/flute & guest DJ Mikki Afflick.

Your name will be on the Will Call list at the boat, night of.

No Refunds or Exchanges.
Boat goes out rain or clear skies, barring water conditions.
Note: No outside food or beverages allowed to be brought onto the boat.

More details go to LiquidSoundLounge.com
Everything Old Is New Again Be-a-Deejay for 15 minutes
Contribution: $150.00

Be a Deejay! Spin your favorite Pop & Jazz Standards & Show Tunes. Create your own 15 minute Music Radio Show!
"Write Your Best-Selling Book in a Weekend" live streaming, online retreat/workshop - PLEASE ENTER CLEAR EMAIL ADDRESS
Contribution: $250.00


This premium is for admission to a four-day VIRTUAL writing retreat August

The virtual retreat happens in conjunction with a live retreat but this

premium is for attending remotely ONLY. SO YOU MUST HAVE A COMPUTER. Over the
course of these long weekends, 95% of attendees write and complete their books.

Description: World-renown best-selling author and top writing instructor TOM BIRD guides you step-by-step toward writing your best-selling book in an online weekend workshop. The retreats are offered MANY times throughout the year in Sedona, AZ. THIS IS LIVE, ONLINE FROM SEDONA. Ninety-seven percent of those who have attended this retreat in the last three years have finished the writing of their books in a weekend (the other 3% concluding the writing of their books shortly after).

Your attendance at this retreat, as you align yourself and your desires with the book trying to come out of you, comprises a truly life-changing, spiritual experience.

Each of these retreats begins on a Thursday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. and concludes the following Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Arizona time.

Those who pledge will receive a list of dates of upcoming workshops for this year or next.

VALUE: $995 per retreat

Everything Old Is New Again Be-a-Deejay for 30 minutes
Contribution: $250.00

Be a Deejay! Spin your favorite Pop & Jazz Standards & Show Tunes. Create your own 30 minute Music Radio Show!