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The Myth of Free Will -Book
Contribution: $25.00

THE MYTH OF FREE WILL expands on the powerful ideas in the first edition by
offering 50 more pages of quotes and short essays on free will. The contents are
divided into six chapters: 1) But It Seems So Real! 2) The Myth & Causality 3)
The Myth & Morality 4) The Myth & the Brain 5) The Myth & Naturalism 6) The Myth
& Me. There is a quiz, eight lessons, illustrations and a glossary. Contributors
include Thomas W. Clark, Daniel Wegner, Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett, Sam
Harris, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, William B. Provine, Paul Bloom,
Antonio Damasio, Francis Crick, Eric Kandel, Robert Sapolsky, Arnell Dowret,
Read Montague, Lee M. Silver, Matt Ridley, Ginger Campbell, V.S. Ramachandran,
Douglas Hofstadter, Kurt Vonnegut, Tamler Sommers, Mark Twain and Albert
Einstein. Author Susan Blackmore contributes a nice foreword, in which she says
we can live without free will, and do better, personally, morally and
practically. In all, 50 leading thinkers are represented. The book strives to
answer the question, Who is saying we don't have free will and what are their
credentials? It's mostly an anthology, definitely not a philosophy text. It was
written for a mainstream audience, for people who wonder: Do I have free will?
If not, why does it feel like I do? And it was written for people who understand
that free will is a myth (the choir) and want to share this understanding with
friends who might feel disturbed or intimidated by the subject
Resistencia en Venezuela, Mexico & Latin America- 3 DVD's
Contribution: $25.00

A three DVD set that includes:
  • President Nicolas Maduro's important 2016 11/2 hour May Day speech
  • La Voz Latina's Angie's half hour interview of Mexican Political prisoner Gonzalo Molina from his jail cell
  • and a 45 minute summary of popular struggles in Puerto Rico and other countries.
Contribution: $25.00

Two vintage Joy of Resistance original productions:

1) Feminist Music Extravaganza/ 50 years of feminist music classics with narrative feminist history

2) The Civil Rights Movement and the Roots of Women's Liberation, 8 interviews with women of SNCC on feminist stirrings in SNCC
Jimmy Dore Show Online Subscription
Contribution: $25.00

This is a one year subscription to the Jimmy Dore Show website,
jimmydorecomedy.com. Donor receives access to unedited Jimmy Dore show
episodes and other exclusive materials including extended segments and
interviews not heard on air.
Red Diaper Baby Show #3 -CD
Contribution: $25.00

Recording from the Cornelia Street Cafe: The Public Theater's Oskar Eustis,
biographer Patricia Bosworth, and noveist Maggie Paley discuss the effects of
growing up in families whose breadwinners were blacklisted during the Red
Square.. Hosted by Janet Coleman and David Dozer.
Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke - CD
Contribution: $30.00

Presentation given by Prof. Greg Kamathi Carr, Associate Professor & Chair of Afro-American Studies at Howard University at this year's John Henrik Clarke Tribute sponsored by ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations) on 7/19/14 at the Countee Cullen Library in Harlem, NY.
Contribution: $30.00

Author, activist, ex prisoner, Tony Papa's, memoir of his life after being released from Sing Sing prison having served 12 years on a non-violent drug offense.
The Confessions of Nat Turner CDThe Confessions of Nat Turner - CD
Contribution: $30.00

A CD containing Nat Turner's confession as read by legendary actor Brock Peters and a discussion featuring Peters, Dr John Henrik Clarke and Dr Herbert Aptheker.
Speeches of Frederick Douglass-CD
Contribution: $30.00

A 1 hour CD of 4 speeches of Frederick Douglass read by Ossie Davis. A rare and amazing find!
Historic Convention Coverage and Progressive Speeches Collection, Election Primer - 2 CD's
Contribution: $35.00

1- Passel of Pomp & A Circus of Circumstance: Historic Coverage from the Pacifica
Radio Archives" Hosted by Amy Goodman. (commercial packaging) Covering both the

2-Part 1 spanning 1936-1968, Part 2 spanning 1972-2000

*Bonus CD "Election Primer 2016: The Progressive Speeches Collection" mp3
7hours of speeches from FDR to Shirley Chisholm and Baraka Obama to Bernie