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Car Hacker's Handbook
Contribution: $25.00

The Car Hacker's Handbook gives a deeper understanding of the computer systems
and embedded software in modern vehicles. Readers will learn about
vulnerabilities and communications over the CAN bus and between devices and
systems, as well as how to intercept data and perform specific hacks to track
vehicles, unlock doors, glitch engines, flood communication, and more.
Bottled Water and the Plastic It Comes In

Contribution: $30.00

Guests: Dr. Sandra Steingraber, author of "Living Downstream," cancer survivor and scientist; Ruth Caplan of Alliance for Democracy and Sierra Club Water Privatization Task Force

What are the health ramifications of the different plastics that bottled water comes in? What are the environmental ramifications of bottled water? Are there regulations that protect bottled water? How safe is tap water? Who owns the water? What can the average person do to improve water quality?

Wormhole Certificate
Contribution: $35.00

A WBAI Wormhole Certificate -- suitable-for-framing -- entitling the bearer to a WBAI Wormhole in the nearest galaxy AND signed by theoretical physicist Dr.Michio Kaku!!!

A Back Room Deal for the 1%: TPP - DVD
Contribution: $40.00

Basic and detailed information about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. What is
TPP? It's explained. What's the difference between NAFTA and TPP? It's
explained. Why did it take some Organized Labor so long to oppose TPP? How is
TPP pro-fracking? Why would any local congressman support it? It's all

The Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies presented
a forum entitled “A Back-Room Deal For The 1%; The Trans-Pacific
Partnership.” The speakers were: Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director of
Citizens Trade Campaign, Celeste Drake, Trade and Globalization Policy
Specialist with the AFL-CIO, and Kian Frederick, New York State Director of
Citizens Trade Campaign.
Election 2016 and the Environment
Contribution: $40.00

Mainstream media and the major candidates won't talk about the environment when
they talk about the election, so I discussed it with author Ted Glick and
activist Andrea Miller.
Butterflies - Their Beauty, Conservation and Importance -DVD
Contribution: $40.00

Butterflies are beautiful, diverse, an important part of a healthy eco-system,
and in need of our help.

They have been one of the first warning signs of global climate change.

This Eco-Logic dvd has a panel of scientists, authors and butterfly enthusiasts:
Carol Butler, Harry Zirlin, Rick Cech and Mercy Van Vlack.
Pope's Climate Encyclical Panel Discussion
Contribution: $40.00

A discussion on dvd of the Pope Francis 2015 Climate Encyclical recorded at
WBAI-FM by Charlie Olson of Environment TV. Panelists were Steve Knight of
GreenFaith, Corinne Willinger of the NYC Raging Grannies, Dr. Marian Ronan of
the New York Theological Seminary and Rev. Donna Schaper of Judson Memorial
Hack This
Contribution: $40.00

Join today’s new revolution in creativity and community: hackerspaces. Stop letting other people build everything for you: Do it yourself. Explore, grab the tools, get hands-on, get dirty…and create things you never imagined you could. Hack This is your glorious, full-color passport to the world of hackerspaces: your invitation to share knowledge, master tools, work together, build amazing stuff–and have a flat-out blast doing it.
Eco-Logic 2-show CD: Health Effects of Indoor Plants and The First Anniversary Of the BP Blow Out
Contribution: $50.00

This CD includes 2 shows:

"The Health Effects of Indoor Plants": Guests: M.J. Gilhooley and John Mini, horticulturalists and Madelyn Simon of Plants at work What indoor plants do for the air quality of our homes and office, our health and student and worker productivity. The guests also help with choosing the right plant.


"The First Anniversary of the BP Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico" Guests: Carl Safina, Founder of Blue Ocean Institute What happened down there? Where did the underwater plume of oil go? How did it affect the fish, shrimp, whales, and dolphins? How can we keep this from happening again?

The Big Disconnect Book
Contribution: $50.00

Have iPads replaced conversation at the dinner table?

What do infants observe when their parents are on their smartphones?

Should you be your child's Facebook friend?

As the focus of family has turned to the glow of the screen - children
constantly texting their friends, parents working online around the clock -
everyday life is undergoing a massive transformation. Easy availability to the
Internet and social media has erased the boundaries that protect children from
the unsavory aspects of adult life. Parents often feel they are losing a
meaningful connection with their children. Children are feeling lonely and
alienated. The digital world is here to stay, but what are families losing with
technology's gain?

As renowned clinical psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair explains, families are
in crisis around this issue, and even more so than they realize. Not only do
chronic tech distractions have deep and lasting effects, but children
desperately need parents to provide what tech cannot: close, significant
interactions with the adults in their lives. Drawing on real-life stories from
her clinical work with children and parents, and her consulting work with
educators and experts across the country, Steiner-Adair offers insights and
advice that can help parents achieve greater under-standing, authority, and
confidence as they come up against the tech revolution unfolding in their living

We all know that deep connection with the people we love means everything to us.
It's time to look with fresh eyes and an open mind at the disconnection we are
experiencing from our extreme device dependence. It's never too late to put down
the iPad and come to the dinner table.