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Cenedella's "I Like Ludwig" button/badge
Contribution: $10.00

A new re-issue of the pen and brush portrait-on-a-button of Beethoven whose vast popularity sent the artist Robert Cendella through art school.
People of Color in Science Fiction and Fantasy -CD
Contribution: $25.00

An audio selection of interviews and readings from some of the great artists who are people of color in science fiction and fantasy literature.
MAC Power Trio CD
Contribution: $25.00

CD featuring present Suga' guest Geri Allen and former Suga' guests David Murray and Terri Lyne Carrington.
Celebrating Elvin Jones -CD
Contribution: $25.00

Elvin Jones's unique and uncompromising contributions to jazz, and to the world of music at large are invaluable. He has personally influenced Will Calhoun's approach to music in all genres.

Elvin's rhythmic connection with the Congo, the Coltrane library, his electric trio recording with Jan Hammer and Gene Perla; and his acting debut/drum solo in the movie Zachariah were impetuses to make this recording. Calhoun decided to interview a few musicians who worked in Elvin's band, the most informative being Sonny Fortune. Calhoun's next step was to assemble a group of Elvin alumni, and choose a few tracks from Elvin's live and studio repertoire. It was compulsory to record a few of Elvin's compositions.

Christian McBride, Carlos McKinney, Antoine Roney, Keyon Harrold, Jan Hammer, and the late great Senegalese Drum Master Doudou N'Diaye Rose made masterful contributions to this recording. The musical journey on this recording is a celebration of Elvin's brilliant contributions.
Jimmy Dore Show Online Subscription
Contribution: $25.00

This is a one year subscription to the Jimmy Dore Show website,
jimmydorecomedy.com. Donor receives access to unedited Jimmy Dore show
episodes and other exclusive materials including extended segments and
interviews not heard on air.
Red Diaper Baby Show #3 -CD
Contribution: $25.00

Recording from the Cornelia Street Cafe: The Public Theater's Oskar Eustis,
biographer Patricia Bosworth, and noveist Maggie Paley discuss the effects of
growing up in families whose breadwinners were blacklisted during the Red
Square.. Hosted by Janet Coleman and David Dozer.
Liquid Sound Lounge 2017 Winter Equinox Super Mix-CD
Contribution: $25.00

LSL Super Mix by Jeannie Hopper (1hour 20minutes) - sign up for the LSL enewsletter to get the playlist.
Cornell 5/8/77
Contribution: $30.00

Often called "the best concert the Grateful Dead ever played".
Recently found and beautifully restored and remastered.
A must have.
Andy Warhol : a hemi-semi-happening - CD
Contribution: $30.00

Cal Green of WBAI's The Critical People talks to artist Andy Warhol about his
film "Chelsea Girls". Henry Geldzahler, associate curator of American painting
and sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paul Morrissey, film critic and
director, and International Velvet and Ingrid Superstar, two of Andy Warhol's
"Factory girls", join them in the studio. Green and guests discuss how "Chelsea
Girls" is different from Warhol's previous films and chat about other filmmakers
and artists such as Jack Smith, Jean-Luc Godard, and Edward Albee. Warhol talks
about his approach to filmmaking and expresses his belief that as televisions
get bigger they will overtake the medium of film.
The Artist's struggle for integrity / James Baldwin -CD
Contribution: $30.00

This is a talk on the intellectual challenge facing the modern artist.
RECORDED: at the Community Church, New York City. BROADCAST: WBAI, 29 Nov. 1962.