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Living The Lord's Prayer - Book
Contribution: $30.00

Pastor Michael Heath, noted author,teacher and motivational speaker has writtena book "Living The Lord's Prayer" on how we can apply The Lord's Prayer ("OurFather Who aren't in Heaven"), and how this prayer can motivate our daily living.
Cenedella's "Communist Manifesto Illustrated" Plus Ludwig
Contribution: $35.00

A signed copy of artist Robert Cenedella's brilliantly illustrated and
unabridged edition of Karl Marx's s masterpiece. Cenedella, artist, satirist and
political observer par excellence, is the subject of the award-winning
documentary, "Art Bastard," and the protege of the great German satirical
painter Georg Grosz, PLUS new re-issue of Cenedella's classic homage to
Beethoven, the "I Like Ludwig" button/badge.
The Sweet Spot Cap
Contribution: $35.00

Trucker hats are not just for hipsters anymore! Represent the "woke folk" of
WBAI with this specially designed "Sweetspot" cap.Adjustable from 17" to 24".

Soviet Tank Medal
Contribution: $35.00

An authentic Soviet-era medal, celebrating the CCCP and its military
accomplishments from 1941-45. Ornate and eye-catching, In vivid red, gold and
blue. For purposes of nostalgia, irony, fear, or fashion.
Haitian Born Brooklynite / Brooklyn Born Haitian Tee
Contribution: $40.00

Country Pride City Love Apparel by Esther Michelle




This clothing brand was created for people who passionately represent their
cities, while being proud of their native countries. It connects the two
entities that are an essential part of who we are. My motto is simply:
“Country Pride City Love”.

This clothing line is inclusive of all ages and individuals that want to
represent their lineage while being an American, living in America, or abroad.
It is designed for students, professionals, artists, athletes, and any person
that desires to show love for their heritage.

This brand was also created to make an impact on different communities by
partnering with global organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the
National Kidney Society and local organizations which better our communities.
Together, our goal is to help make a difference in the lives of others locally
and abroad. Collaboration with others can help to uplift our communities and
highlight our unique diversities and show the similarities that exist among the
different cultures, while promoting humanity for all.

Esther Michelle was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but her Haitian
culture was ingrained in her by her Haitian parents.
WBAI Wormhole Certificate
Contribution: $50.00

Your very own Wormhole Certificate signed by the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

Arts Express - The Art Of Magic: Personal Magician Class
Contribution: $50.00

Master Magician Jack Shalom will share the secrets of the profession. Your personalized 90 minute training class includes
an individually designed one-on-one, close-up magic tutorial.
T&B Package (1804 Tee & Body Butter or Body Scrub) - Haitian All-StarZ Radio
Contribution: $50.00

Groneg 1804 T-SHIRT
Choice of Nina's Bowl of Sugar Body Butter OR
Nina's Bowl of Sugar Body Scrub
The "Sweet Tee" Sweetspot Custom Tee - Mens
Contribution: $55.00

Represent W "Bee" AI and the Sweetspot radio show to the fullest with this 100%
cotton loose fit tee. Look good while you support listener sponsored community
WBAI Resistance Radio Unisex T-shirt
Contribution: $65.00

Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight dark color
t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 100%
cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom
and sleeve hems for extra durability.