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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insights - PDF's on DVD
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insights - PDF's on DVD
Contribution: $50.00

A magnificent collection of over 40 PDF documents and books on a DATA DVD, that
include early publications, texts, papyri from a vast array of cultural and
spiritual influences. Including: the Book of Enoch, Ethiopian Manuscripts,
Chaldean Oracles, Ancient Egypt, Aramaic Origins, Gnostic and Christian origins,
The Kyballion, and esoteric teachings such as The Huang Po Doctrine of Universal
Mind, The Book of Ascension and the Divine Indwelling
Pathway to Conscious Living (DVD)
Pathway to Conscious Living (DVD)
Contribution: $50.00

Alan Steinfeld Hosts with Joe Dispenza, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak and Marilyn Schlitz.

Alan Steinfeld Hosts an Intriguing discussion with Special Guests Joe Dispenza,
J.J. and Desiree Hurtak and Marilyn Schlitz. As seen on New York's Manhatan
television, Alan Steinfeld, of New Realities TV, Host a diloge on "Conscious
Living" with Drs. JJ. and Desiree Hurtak, Mr. Marilyn Schlitz (Noetic
Institute), Joe Dispenza, D.C. (of "What the Bleep do we know?". They dices: How
we can change our minds. They discuss ways of achieving breakthroughs in
everyday life, increasing awareness and evoking our brains. Together they
discuss their work and experience in sharing how we can become part of the
greater process of transformation.
Dice of Life Reading w/ Stephen Thornton
Dice of Life Reading w/ Stephen Thornton
Contribution: $60.00

Enjoy a half hour hour reading with UK psychic Stephen Thornton. From a young
age Stephen Thornton had prophetic dreams and visions of spirits. He has seen
Auras for years and can tell you what the colors mean.Discovering how accurate
he could be helped him decide his future was in working with Spirit. Stephen
uses many different divination tools - including Dice, Dominoes, Crystals and
Ogham sticks; he also works with Guides
(Simeon and Sam), Angels and is a
qualified Healer.

His readings are a unique
and uplifting experience. He is a well-known and much-liked reader in the UK.
Awakening Your Power Of Self Healing by Meir Schneider
Awakening Your Power Of Self Healing
Contribution: $75.00

Awakening Your Power Of Self Healing by Meir Schneider

Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing helps you to develop a deep awareness of your body and to engage in appropriate, pleasant exercise at the same time. We want to help people understand that there is a way to exercise their bodies safely. We want to help you become aware of your body’s needs, and respond to them. It is time to give up the idea of “no pain, no gain” - instead, Dr. Meir Schneider and his School for Self-Healing would like you to understand that you have everything to gain, with virtually no pain.

The book is written very specifically to be easy to follow. We include 600 exercises, many of which are unavailable anywhere else in the world, along with 300 hand-drawn illustrations meant to clarify the movements for our readers. Above all, we worked hard to make this book friendly, practical, applicable, and useful.

We wrote this book chronologically, according to the body’s needs. We begin with a chapter on breathing, to teach you to breathe slowly, deeply, and smoothly - this is the foundation on which good health is built - and progress from important, universal knowledge to information for specific diseases.

Virtuoso pianist Arthur Rubenstein developed crippling arthritis throughout his whole body, except for in his hands. Their consistently fluid, effortless, and balanced movement during years of performance kept his hands in wonderful shape, even as the rest of his body failed him. Our book, Awakening Your Power of Self Healing, is designed to teach you to bring the power of healthy movement into every part of your life, and overcome disabilities and diseases on which others will tell you to give up. It contains revolutionary knowledge you need to grow healthier by the day, prevent disease in the future, and greatly improve your current conditions.

Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT healed himself of congenital blindness and developed an original holistic approach to health. The Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method is a unique combination of therapeutic massage, movement, and natural vision improvement exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions. A globally respected therapist and educator, Meir is also a bestselling author. His latest book, Vision for Life, was published by North Atlantic Books. He is the founder of the School For Self-Healing in San Francisco.

The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life- Book
The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life- Book
Contribution: $85.00

In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author Theresa Cheung joins forces with
cognitive neuroscientist Julia Mossbridge, PhD, Director of the Innovation Lab
at The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Together they reveal revolutionary
new research showing that sensing the future is possible, they also provide
practical tools and techniques you can use to develop your own powers of

Precognition is the scientific name for the knowledge or perception of the
future, obtained through extrasensory means. Often called 'premonition',
precognition is the most frequently reported of all extrasensory perception
(ESP) experiences, occurring most often in dreams. It may also occur
spontaneously in waking visions, auditory hallucinations, flashing thoughts
entering the mind, the sense of "knowing" and physiological changes.
Combining science and practice, Theresa and Dr Julia unravel the mystery of
precognition. The book will cover:

• What precognition is and the different types, clearly explaining the
cutting-edge science, including what is known and what is still a mystery
• The most common premonitions that people experience and why,
including examples from around the world
• Experimental tools to help you cultivate precognition experiences to
help get useful information for your life
• Case studies included throughout, with supporting scientific evidence
offered alongside to provide validation and explanation
• Personal experiences of the authors, detailing how premonition has
shaped their lives and interviews with leading scientists and experts in the


The first 10 credit card pledges will receive a FREE pass to event - Reading the
Future: A Conversation
with neuroscientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge & holistic psychotherapist Mitchell
Rabin - Tuesday, Oct. 30, 7-9pm, Church of the Ascension, 12 West 11th St.
(just west of 5th Ave.)

Pedram’s Wellness Pack - Download -MUST LEAVE EMAIL
Pedram’s Wellness Pack - Download -MUST LEAVE EMAIL
Contribution: $100.00

This premium is an ALL DIGITAL package consisting of The Urban Monk Brainwave
audio meditations, 4 additional meditations covering breathing techniques and
pain control, plus a 7 Day Reboot Cookbook, all authored by Dr. Pedram Shojai.
The Chronicles of the Key (USB Flash Drive)
The Chronicles of the Key (USB Flash Drive)
Contribution: $100.00

The Enoch Chronicles with Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak
Interviews with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities from 1997 - 2017

Includes 24 Video Interviews:

1 - Introduction to the Keys:
This is the first program in the series with Alan Steinfeld and Dr,. JJ Hurtak
on The Keys of Enoch.

2 - ET Realities:
Dr. Hurtak's investigations in to the different races of ET present on the

3 - Acoustic Archeology:
Dr. Hurtak describes his findings of using sound to understand the ancient
structure of the pyramids.

4 - The Holographic Mind:
Dr. Hurtak discusses with Alan Steinfeld the deeper aspects of the Mind.

5 - Ancient Civilizations:

6 - The Hurtaks on Egypt:
Desiree and JJ Hurtak discuss their work in Egypt.

7 A Deeper investigation into ancient Egypt:

8 - The Prophecy of the Keys:
Dr. JJ Hurtak discuss with Alan Steinfeld the prophecy of the Keys. One of the
early programs.

9 - The Further Prophecies of the Keys:
As more revelations have come this is a another program discussing the Keys

10 - The Sacred 72 Names of God:
The Hurtak's giving forth the sacred names of the Divine.

11 - The Melchezadek Energies:
Alan Steinfeld and Dr. JJ Hurtak discuss what it is like to tap into the
Melchizedek energies. One of their most popular programs.

12 - Revisting the Keys:
Another look at the deep meaning of the Keys of Enoch.

13 - The Hurtaks on the Divine Feminine:
The Hurtaks talk about the presence of the Divine Mother.

14 - The 72 Sacred Names of the Feminine:
This program goes deeper in the aspect of the Divine Mother and the sacred
Feminine with Drs. Hurtak.

15 - Pista Sophia Revistied:
Desiree and JJ Hurtak discuss their translation of the Pista Sophia.

16 - ET Updates:
The Hurtaks give a further update on the ET/alien interactions with Earth.

17 - The Science of the Multi-verse:
The Hurtaks discuss the many world of the multi-verse.

18- 27 - The Future of Space with the Hurtaks:
The Hurtak talk about human destiny in space is the subject of this video.

19 - Ongoing Evolution and the Potential of Bio –Luminance:
The Hurtaks discuss the bio photonic possibility of human beings.

20 - The Future of Humanity: Dr. Hurtak speaks about the planetary situation
and the future of human civilization.

21- The Multi-Dimensional Human:

22 – Preview to 402: This is a recent discussion about Key 402, where the
Hurtaks give an overview of the new text.

23 – Gnosticism: A favorite yet little discussed topic of the Hurtaks is the
history of Gnosticism and its influence on western spirituality.

24- Summation of the Keys – Recorded in March of 2017 – gives an overview of
the plan to release the last ten keys.
Mystic and Physicist Pack
Mystic and Physicist Pack
Contribution: $100.00

Mystic and Physicist Pack
includes 2 Books & Bonus Event

by Deirdre Hade and William Arntz
Photographs and Images by Endre Balogh

The (not so) Little Book of Surprises is a verbal and graphic trip to the unexpected, whimsical, and wise worlds of writer and poet Deirdre Hade and her husband and graphic visionary Will Arntz. With images provided by award winning photographer Endre Balogh. These images will inspire you, make you laugh and make you think. The prose and poetry will raise your awareness to the level that great art does when truly enjoyed. You will constantly be surprised and perhaps conclude that this is not such a little book after all.

Book: What the Bleep Do We Know!?: Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality
By William Arntz, Betsy Chase and Mark Vicente

With the help of fourteen leading quantum physicists, scientist and spiritual thinkers, this book guides readers on a course from the scientific to the spiritual, and from the universal to the deeply personal.


October 24, 2017 - 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Deidre Hade and William Arntz,
the Mystic and the Physicist

The Tao of Surprise:
Your Undiscovered Key to Awakening

Deepak Chopra's Home Base
at ABC Home on the mezzanine
888 Broadway, NY, NY 10003

Pack Includes one ticket...

Need more? Follow Ticket Link:


Private Energy Healing Session with Kathryn
Private Energy Healing Session with Kathryn
Contribution: $100.00

Your Private Session can be provided on-line, by phone or in person.

Kathryn has over 25 years experience, as a healer and teacher, in the field of
Qigong.s With ongoing classes at Studio Maya in Brooklyn, seasonal training at
The New York Open Center and specialized training and certification through

She is a practitioner of Reiki, Spirituality Guided Life Force Energy, the
Sandlin Technique, a form of Indigenous Healing and Energy Transmission based on
Vision Quest and Shamanic Insight; and works though Ritual and Ceremony from the
traditions of the Dagara Peoples of Africa and the Mayan/Aztec Peoples of the

Learn more about her work at Kathryn.one
End Of Suffering by Russell Targ + J.J. Hurtak - Book
End Of Suffering by Russell Targ + J.J. Hurtak - Book
Contribution: $120.00

While everybody suffers, most of this suffering is unnecessary and can be
overcome. The message behind this book is how to overcome the polarity of
opposites by combining the wisdom of the East with the findings of quantum
physics to uncover a middle ground hat shows opposing sides are really the same.
The End of Suffering puts these perceived opposites - Buddhism and physics -
together and shows how we can learn to surrender the story of who we think we
are and experience an end to our suffering. Buddha taught us to live a helpful
and compassionate life and to surrender our ego to the peace of spaciousness.
Remarkably, recent discoveries in Modern physics echo these ancient teachings.