Israel/Palestine and the Queer International - Book
Israel/Palestine and the Queer International - Book
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In this chronicle of political awakening and queer solidarity, the activist and
novelist Sarah Schulman describes her dawning consciousness of the Palestinian
liberation struggle. Invited to Israel to give the keynote address at an LGBT
studies conference at Tel Aviv University, Schulman declines, joining other
artists and academics honoring the Palestinian call for an academic and cultural
boycott of Israel. Anti-occupation activists in the United States, Canada,
Israel, and Palestine come together to help organize an alternative solidarity
visit for the American activist. Schulman takes us to an anarchist, vegan café
in Tel Aviv, where she meets anti-occupation queer Israelis, and through border
checkpoints into the West Bank, where queer Palestinian activists welcome her
into their spaces for conversations that will change the course of her life. She
describes the dusty roads through the West Bank, where Palestinians are cut off
from water and subjected to endless restrictions while Israeli settler
neighborhoods have full freedoms and resources.

As Schulman learns more, she questions the contradiction between Israel's
investment in presenting itself as gay friendly—financially sponsoring gay
film festivals and parades—and its denial of the rights of Palestinians. At
the same time, she talks with straight Palestinian activists about their
position in relation to homosexuality and gay rights in Palestine and
internationally. Back in the United States, Schulman draws on her extensive
activist experience to organize a speaking tour for some of the Palestinian
queer leaders whom she had met and trusted. Dubbed "Al-Tour," it takes the
activists to LGBT community centers, conferences, and universities throughout
the United States. Its success solidifies her commitment to working to end
Israel's occupation of Palestine, and it kindles her larger hope that a new
"queer international" will emerge and join other movements demanding human
rights across the globe.

About The Author(s)

Sarah Schulman is a longtime AIDS and queer activist, and a cofounder of the MIX
Festival and the ACT UP Oral History Project. She is a playwright and the author
of seventeen books, including the novels The Mere Future, Shimmer, Rat Bohemia,
After Delores, and People in Trouble, as well as nonfiction works such as The
Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination, My American History:
Lesbian and Gay Life during the Reagan/Bush Years, Ties That Bind: Familial
Homophobia and Its Consequences, and Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS, and the
Marketing of Gay America, which is also published by Duke University Press. She
is Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at The City University of New York,
College of Staten Island.

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