Recovery 2.0 Beyond Addiction FEB 2015 On-Line Conference Series with Tommy Rosen
Tommy Rosen
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Includes 31 guest speakers interviewed by Tommy Rosen on Addiction and Recovery. A truly exceptional collection of information on transcending and overcoming addiction from those who have done and are doing it!

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert, founder and host of the conference series. Tommy Rosen presents inspirational, educational, entertaining and powerful discussions with people whose work and experience in the world is of benefit to those who are seeking to overcome addiction and thrive in recovery.

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Gabor Mate', Durga Lela, Tommy Rosen, Mastinn Kipp, Niki Meyers, Bruce Lipton, William Moyers, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jennifer Matesa, Amber Smith, Gabriella Bernstein, Mackenzie Phillips, Nick Ortner, Guru Singh Leonard Buschell, and more!

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