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Eco-Logic 4 CD Set<br><br>
Eco-Logic 4 CD Set

Contribution: $75.00
Connect the Dots lecture on DVD by Ken Gale<br><br>
Eco-Logic 2-show CD:  Health Effects of Indoor Plants and The First Anniversary Of the BP Blow Out
Religion and Environmentalism - DVD
Eco-Logic Religion and Unintelligent Design Package - CD +DVD
Butterflies - Their Beauty, Conservation and Importance -DVD
Golden Age and Eco-Logic Ecology Old Time Radio shows
Eco-Logic Pete Seeger Clearwater package
OD09508-FA18	$40.00	Eco-Logic: Bees and Pesticides w/ Rev. Billy, Mercy Van Vlack + Len Librizzi-DVD
Butterflies and Bees Eco-Logic package - 2 Dvd's
Eco-Logic Music Package
Eco-Logic Music Package
Contribution: $100.00
Eco-Logic Multi-Issue Package
Eco-Logic Multi-Issue Package
Contribution: $100.00
Peoples' Voice Concert Ticket
Peoples' Voice Concert Ticket
Contribution: $20.00
Peoples' Voice Concert Ticket - BAI BUDDY DISCOUNT
Eco-Logic Helen Caldicott Indian Point Package - 2 DVD + CD's
Eco-Logic Helen Caldicott Climate and Nukes DVD