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UNintelligent Design- CD
Contribution: 35.00

Dr. Abigail Hafer, who teaches human anatomy and physiology
at Curry College in Massachusetts explains how - and why - the human body is not
so intelligently designed, after all. From the eye to the throat to the
reproductive organs. She presents the subject with a wonderful sense of humor
while still being thought-provoking.
Eco logic
Brain Games Season One DVD Set
Contribution: 40.00

NatGeo Science Series
Brain Games Season Two DVD Set
Contribution: 40.00

NatGeo Science Series
Brain Games Season Three DVD Set
Contribution: 40.00

NatGeo Science Series
Brain Games Season Four DVD Set
Contribution: 40.00

NatGeo Science Series
Not-So-Intelligent Designer -Book
Contribution: 40.00

If you compare elephant testicles and human testicles, elephant anatomy makes
more sense. If you compare squid eyes to human eyes, squid anatomy makes more
sense. Whales' throats make more sense than human throats. The animal kingdom
is full of anatomy that is better than ours.
Connect the Dots lecture on DVD by Ken Gale

Contribution: 50.00

Ken Gale of Eco-Logic discusses the ways in which the following various topics are related:

Gas Pipelines
Radon Gas in your Kitchen
#6 Fuel Oil Conversion
Navajo Uranium Mining
Electric Cars
Greenhouse Gases
Renewable Energy
The Iraq War

The River That Harms - DVD
Contribution: 50.00

A documentary about what the Dine (Navajo) are going through due to the Rio Puerco uranium mining disaster.

Shepherding the Sea: The Race To Save Our Oceans
Contribution: 50.00

Dr. Reese Halter is proud to announce his 9th book ‘Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save our Oceans’,
an expose revealing the current state of the seas. Shepherding the Sea draws
upon a quarter century studies and observations of Dr. Halter and four decades
experience of sailing the oceans by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder,
Captain Paul Watson.

Please join award winning broadcaster and distinguished conservation biologist
Earth Dr. Reese Halter to discover why the vitality of the seas, and the
protection of all sealife is crucial for our survival on this planet. With
mystery, intrigue and endless passion, Shepherding the Sea is an accessible,
compelling and essential read.

Dr. Reese Halter is and Earth doctor, an award-winning broadcaster and voice for
ecology, and a distinguished conservation biologist.
Luminaries of the Hacker World painting
Luminaries of the Hacker World painting
Contribution: 50.00

An original 5x7 painting of a luminary of the hacker world, including a title card explaining the subject of the painting.