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1. George Carlin on Pacifica 1970-1997
2. Les Paul live from they Iridium club 2008
3. Best of the Pacifica live from the Village Gate 1970's with Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, McCoy Tyner, Amani and Amiri Baraka and Village Gate founder Art D'Lugoff from 2006
4. Bob Fass WBAI by night 1965 to the present
5. Jimi Hendrix Pacifica documentary
6. Bob Dylan on Pacifica from 1962 -1969
7. Leonard Cohen in WBAI studios 1974
8. Andy Warhol at WBAI with Factory entourage 1967
9. Oyelo Nuyorican Poets Cafe 1974 to the present
10. Jazz Legend Marian McPartland on WBAI for 14 years
11. Dustin Hoffman at WBAI after the filming of Midnight Cowboy in 1971
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Democracy Now! Hour interview with Michael Moore-DVD
Democracy Now! Hour interview with Michael Moore-DVD
Contribution: $75.00

DVD featuring Michael Moore interviewed by Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman and
Nermeen Shaikh.
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Pacifica MLK Special Collection - CD
Pacifica MLK Special Collection - CD
Contribution: $100.00

8 hours 40 minutes -11 programs from 1957 to 1968:

1. On The Power Of Peaceful Persuasion (June 24, 1957); 45 min
2. The Future of Integration (June, 1961) – 38 min
3. We Want to be Free (Freedom Rally, May 26, 1963 – 23 min
4. The Dimensions of a Complete Life (January, 1962) – 35 min
5. America's Chief Moral Dilemma (UC Berkeley, May 17, 1967) – 1 hr 13 min
6. But If Not (Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, November, 1967) – 18 min
7. Men and Women In the Arts Concerned with Vietnam: A Benefit for Martin Luther King, Jr. (March 16, 1968) – 39 min
8. Domestic Urgencies vs. Military Costs (February, 1967) – 53 min
9. The Civil Rights Movement and its Goals for the Future (April, 1967) – 53 min10. Martin Luther King Memorial in Central Park (April 5, 1968) 79 min
11. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in London (December 7, 1964) 62 min
During his visit to the United Kingdom in December, 1964 (while on the way to Oslo to accept the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize), King addressed an overflow crowd at the City Temple hall in central London, and Pacifica European correspondent Saul Bernstein was there to record it. Dr. King discussed the history of slavery, Supreme Court rulings, Greek philosophy, the concept of non-violence, the fight against segregation, the registration of Black voters, and the struggle to end hate and bigotry across the planet. King also read a prepared text on the situation at the time in South Africa, voicing support of a unified World Nation policy that would impose sanctions on the country to force an end to apartheid.
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SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference - CD
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference - CD
Contribution: $120.00

A Pacifica Radio Archives CD exclusive Student Nonviolent Coordinating
Committe's (SNCC) 50th Anniversary Conference in 2010 in Raleigh, North
Carolina. Featured are hours of speeches and songs Harry Belafonte, Danny
Glover, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Congressman John Lewis, and the Freedom Singers.
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2 DVDs: Democracy Now! Interviews with Michael Moore & The Squad
2 DVDs: Democracy Now! Interviews with Michael Moore & The Squad
Contribution: $120.00

Disc 1: Democracy Now! co-host Nermeen Shaikh's exclusive interview with The
Squad—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Talib & Ilhan
Omar—at Howard University Law School.

Disc 2: Michael Moore interviewed by Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh of Democracy
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Contribution: $250.00

Pacifica Radio's 65-year history, from 1949 to 2014. MP3 format files on a USB jump drive that plugs into your computer. 4 GB jump drive / 59 hours 1 minute + Best of PRA 2014 MP3 (8.5 hrs of content)

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Pacifica History  Four Campus Campaign Volumes - Jump Drive
Pacifica History Four Campus Campaign Volumes - Jump Drive
Contribution: $500.00

LIMITED EDITION! This 16 gb jump drive contains:

Campus Campaign Volume One

Civil Rights: James Baldwin; We Shall Overcome (civil rights documentary); Freedom Now!

(civil rights documentary); Remembering Cesar Chavez; A Feminist Journey; Celebrating Martin

Luther King, Jr.; Forty Years of Ossie Davis; The Power of African American Women

United States History: An American Soldier; George Carlin, Pacifica, and the F.C.C.; The Free

Speech Movement; Rachel Carson and Silent Spring; Meet Ralph Nader; Gore Vidal; Upton

Sinclair: Changing America; Betty Friedan

Arts and Literature: Allen Ginsberg's Howl; film critic Pauline Kael; Henry Miller; Jim

Morrison, Poet; The Coltrane Legacy; Women in Film; Kurt Vonnegut; Woody Guthrie: Better

World a Comin'; French Filmmaker Jean Renoir; Hitchcock and Hollywood

1968 - 40th Anniversary: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 1968; The 1968 Columbia University

Student Strike; The Paris Student Uprising; The Poor People's Campaign; The Mexican

American Experience; Robert F. Kennedy; A Night in Chicago: 1968 DNC; 1968 Year in

Review Documentary

Women's Studies: Margaret Mead -Anthropologist; Emma Goldman; June Jordan; Helen

Caldicott; Women's Poetry and Prose; Molly Ivins; Dolores Huerta; Women of the World;

Miriam Makeba Tribute; Bella Abzug

Environment: Global Meltdown; Hiroshima; Rachel Carson; No Nukes Reunion; Spinning

Disaster; Helen Caldicott; Linus Pauling; Edward Teller

The Malcolm X Collection: The Ballot or the Bullet (Detroit, 1964); Black Muslims vs. The Sit-

ins (Malcolm X and James Baldwin, 1961); Prospects for Freedom (Militant Labor Forum,

1965); Friends and Enemies, (February, 1965); Speech on the Mississippi Freedom Democratic

Party (Atlantic City, 1964); John Henrik Clarke on Malcolm X

Noam Chomsky Celebration: The Crisis in Iraq: Understanding U.S. Motives Behind Sanctions

and Confrontation (Boston, 1999); Speech on US. Foreign Policy and Its Effects (1998); The

Media and the New World Disorder (1993); The New World Order (1991); Veteran's Day with

Noam Chomsky (1991); The Media as Propaganda (Santa Barbara, 1988); Town Hall Against

the Draft / Noam Chomsky and Robert Bly (New York City, 1968); Noam Chomsky on the

Middle East (1975); The Drift Toward Global War (Minneapolis, 1985)

Studs Terkel: The Spoken Century: Studs Terkel: The Spoken Century - a documenatry;

Dorothy Parker, Zero Mostel, Leonard Bernstein, Daniel Ellsberg and Ralph Ellison interviewed

by Studs Terkel; Phil Ochs interviewed by Studs Terkel; Joseph Campbell interviewed by Studs

Terkel; Simone de Beauvoir interviewed by Studs Terkel; Studs in Conversation with Tim

Robbins, 1999; Studs visits Pacifica Radio Archives in 2003

Campus Campaign Volume Two

Civil Rights 2: Cornel West; Odetta; Blues Legacies and Black Feminism; W.E.B. Du Bois: 100

Years of The Souls of Black Folk; Dick Gregory; Juneteenth Special; George Jackson and the

Soledad Brothers; The Confessions of Nat Turner; Redefining Black Power in the Age of Obama

United States History 2: Plain Speaking: A Counter History of the United States; George Carlin;

A Passel of Pomp and a Circus of Circumstance - documentary on the history of political

conventions in the U.S.; Richard Nixon; The Real Norma Rae: Crystal Lee Sutton

Arts and Literature 2: The Village Gate; Shakespeare: This Was a Man; The Ballad of Pete

Seeger; The Beat Poets of San Francisco; Science Fiction: The Final Frontier with Ray

Bradbury; Lillian Hellman: American Playwright; They Remember Dvorak

Black Power: The Black Panther Party: Bobby Seale, Huey Newton; H. Rap Brown, Stokely

Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver; Kathleen Cleaver and Elaine Brown; Police Actions;

Trials/Tribulations; Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, and the Revolution for Breakfast; Rosa Parks,

James Baldwin, Bayard Rustin and Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer; Angela Davis, Elijah

Muhammad, Malcolm X, Kwame Toure, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Huey Newton, Eldridge

Cleaver, H. Rap Brown, Leroi Jones, John Hope Franklin

Science: On the Role of Science / Aldous Huxley; Fallout and Disarmament / Linus Pauling and

Edward Teller; Charles Darwin; Analogy and Science / J. Robert Oppenheimer; On Nuclear

Morality / Bertrand Russell; Blacks In Science; Progress Through Fear / Buckminster Fuller

Native American Studies: John Trudell; Winona LaDuke; Alcatraz Panel with Indians from

Various Tribes; Benefit for the Indians on Alcatraz with Malvina Reynolds and Buffy Sainte-

Marie; Russell Means; Dennis Banks; Jack Forbes; Songs of Northern California Indians: Jaime

de Angulo

Latino/Chicano Studies: Dolores Huerta; Resistance of the Maya; Flor Del Pueblo: Music of

Resistance in Latin America; Carlos Castaneda and Lila Downs; The Delano Grape Strike: Cesar

Chavez; La Raza Nueva with Moctesuma Esparza; Cherrie Moraga; Siqueiros: Political Artist;

United Mexican-American Students Symposium at UCLA; Reies Tijerina: Leader of the Alianza

From the Vault: Gay and Lesbian Studies: 1979 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian

Rights; Quentin Crisp; Christopher Isherwood; The Gay Movement from 1969-1979; The

Harvey Milk Story; Time Line: Important Gay History; Transsexuals and the Police; Bisexuality

From the Vault: Great Voices on Radio: Gore Vidal - 14 Feb 1994; Jessica Mitford - 30 June

1960; Dylan Thomas - 7 May 1953; June Jordan - March 1991; Edward Said - 20 Feb 2003;

Stokely Carmichael - Feb 1968; Cesar Chavez - 15 Jan 1966; Mario Savio - March 1979;

Norman Mailer - 21 May 1965; Angela Davis - 1972; Molly Ivins - Aug 1992

Campus Campaign Volume Three

Society at Large:Tim Robbins in Conversation with Studs Terkel; The Criminalization of

Poverty; Pacifica's Labor Teach-in; Sister Helen Prejean and Death Row; Sacco and Vanzetti;

Pacifica Radio in the United Kingdom; Crime and Capital Punishment; Gore Vidal - On the Eve

of War; Ten-year 9-11 Restrospective

Science and Environment:Darwin; Tales of Whales; Jared Diamond - The Collapse of

Civilizations; Dr. Helen Caldicott - If You Love This Planet; Pacifica's Nuclear Energy Teach-

in; Wangari Maathai

Civil Rights:Edward Said; Martin Luther King, Jr.; The Reverend Ralph Abernathy; Manning

Marable; The Freedom Riders' 50th Anniversary; The Japanese in California - 1959; Women

Speak Out Against Fascism

Artists: John Lennon's 70th Birthday Celebration; Aldous Huxley; Women in Film 2; Toni

Morrison, Walter Mosley, and Julius Lester; Sarah Vaughan and Esther Phillips; Jane Fonda;

Master Class in Acting with Rod Steiger; Bob Fass with Bob Dylan, January 1966; Bob Dylan

and Cynthia Gooding

Performances and Readings:Gwendolyn Brooks and LeRoi Jones; Dial-a-Poem; Aram Saroyan

and Poetry; Women's Music and Poetry from the Coffeehouse; James Joyce's The Dead; James

Thurber's The 13 Clocks; Halloween Fantasy: Vampires; The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis

Stevenson; Laughter from the Left

Gays and Lesbians:Quentin Crisp, 1978; James Baldwin - The Free and the Brave; Robert

Duncan; Jack Spicer; Audre Lorde; Harvey Fierstein and Charles S. Dutton: Actors in


Native Americans:Peggy Berryhill's Why Wounded Knee?; Ganienkeh - An Iroquois Tale;

Geronimo Pratt; Malvina Reynolds and Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Benefit for the Indians on


Crime and Capital Punishment: The Coming Death of Caryl Chessman (1959), Meeting of the

Minds - Steve Allen (1960), Death House Letters of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (1967), The

Legal Case Against the Death Penalty (1968), Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter (1978), The Immorality

of the Death Penalty (1991), The $72 Solution - The Death Penalty (1991), Dead Man Walking -

An Interview with Sister Helen Prejean (1993), The Legal Lynching of Mumia Abu-Jamal

(1995), Democracy Now!: Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter (1998), Democracy Now!: Michael Moore

on the Death Penalty (2011)

Pacifica Radio Teach-in - Nuclear Energy: Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich (KPFA), If

You Love This Planet with Dr. Helen Caldicott (KPFT), Background Briefing with Ian Masters

(KFPK), Asia Pacific Forum (WBAI), What's at Stake? with Verna Avery Brown and Esther

Ivarem (WPFW), Thresholds with George Reiter (KPFT)

Pacifica Radio Teach-in - Labor and Unions: Labor rights and union-related programming

from around Pacifica Radio Network plus historic selections from Pacifica Radio Archives -

Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich (KPFA), Hardknock Radio (KPFA), Law and Disorder

with Michael Ratner, Heidi Boghasian, and Michael Steven Smith (WBAI), Background Briefing

with Ian Masters (KPFK), Truthdig with Robert Scheer (KPFK), Jon Wiener (KPFK), Sojourner

Truth (KPFK), Uprising Radio (KPFK), Metro Watch with Gloria Minott (WPFW), This is What

Democracy Looks Like: Wisconsin's Worker Uprising (WORT - Madison, WI), Sprouts (Pacifica

Affiliate Network), From the Vault: Pacifica Talks Union-1934 General Strike, Studs Terkel,

Mother Jones, Sabina Virgo, Crystal Lee Sutton-the "real" Norma Rae, Upton Sinclair (Pacifica

Radio Archives)

Significant Recordings Recently Restored with Funding from the National Endowment from

the Arts

Rita Mae Brown Interviewed by Kris Welch and Philip Maldari (1994), Inquest at Christiana

(1968), Of Resistance, Disobedience and Objection: A Christmas Celebration (1971), Seneca's

Oedipus (1978), Pete Seeger WBAI Marathon II (1969), Live at the Village Gate: Art Blakely

and the Jazz Messengers (1977), Interview with Judy Chicago (1981), Our Sheroes and Heroes,

Maya Angelou (1976), The Barretts of Bleecker Street / Jerry Stiller Ann Meara (1962)

Campus Campaign Volume Four

Wealth and Poverty

The Criminalization of Poverty / Sabina Virgo (1992 - FTV242)

Pacifica's Labor Teach-in (2011 - FTV257): 1934 San Francisco Waterfront Strike

Sacco and Vanzetti (1990 - FTV250): politicians and organized labor

Journalism and Law

Crime and Capital Punishment (1959 - FTV 283): Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Rubin 'Hurricane'


Reproductive Rights (1982 - FTV328): Abortions - A Matter of Life and Death

Alexander Meiklejohn (1955 - FTV320): U.S. Constitutional Law

Pacifica's Coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising (1992 - FTV311)

The Art of Muckraking (1962 - FTV297): Christopher Hitchins, Jessica Mitford, Alexander


Women and Media in the Age of Obama (2012 - FTV304)


Sister Helen Prejean and Death Row (May 2000 - FTV280): Dead Man Walking

Who is Reverend Sun Myung Moon? (1975 - FTV331): cult figure-head in the U.S.

Rudy Gernreich, Fashion Icon (1971 - FTV327)

Gore Vidal Tribute (1966 - FTV325): features excerpts of several speeches and interviews

The 2012 Medal of Freedom: Morrison, Huerta, and Dylan (1968 - FTV316)

Howard Zinn: Virtual Optimism (1992 - FTV314)

Naomi Wolfe: The Beauty Myth (1991 - FTV313)

Female Beauty Rituals (1985 - FTV312): Beauty as seen through the eyes of a Martian reporter

Selma James (1974 - FTV308): feminist author

Laughter from the Left (2010 - FTV241): Lily Tomlin, George Carlin, Groucho Marx, Richard



The Nutcracker's Journery (2011 - FTV240): the creation of The Nutcracker Ballet

To All A Good Night (2012 - FTV293): drama, the history of Santa Claus

The Christmas Connection (1983 - FTV 292): Steve Allen and holiday adventures

Science and Environment:

Charles Darwin (1959 - FTV182): Julius and Aldous Huxley on Darwin's theories

Tales of Whales (20 Nov 1976 - FTV239): First Whale Day

Jared Diamond - The Collapse of Civilizations (1999 - FTV243)

Dr. Helen Caldicott - If You Love This Planet (1993 - FTV253)

Pacifica's Nuclear Energy Teach-in (2011 - FTV256): Lord Bertrand Russell, Linus Pauling,

Edward Teller

Wangari Maathai (2011 - FTV281): Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Civil Rights

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1957 - FTV244): The Power of Peaceful Persuasion / America's Chief

Moral Dilemma

The Reverend Ralph Abernathy (18 Oct 1960 - FTV247)

Manning Marable (May 1993 - FTV260)

The Freedom Riders' 50th Anniversary (2011 - FTV263)

The Japanese in California, 1959 (FTV269): internment camps and life in them

Women Speak Out Against Fascism (1969 - FTV252): Elaine Brown and Marie W. Johnson

Redefining Black Power (2012 - FTV229): mass incarceration, role of black leadership

Gloria Steinem - 1997 Kennedy Lecture Series (1997 - FTV303)

Bayard Rustin Centennial Celebration (1960 - FTV305)


Tim Robbins in Conversation with Studs Terkel (Jan 2000 - FTV237)

Mark Twain (1959 - FTV307): a tour of his house!

Edward Said (2003 - FTV234): selected speeches

Aldous Huxley (1959 - FTV245): lecture

Toni Morrison, Walter Mosley, and Julius Lester (1981 - FTV282)

Ray Bradbury Memorial (1964 - FTV318)

Adrienne Rich Tribute (1969 - FTV309)

Rita Mae Brown, Feminist Author (1976 - FTV330)


John Lennon's 70th Birthday Celebration (2010 - FTV238)

Women in Film 2 (1968 - FTV251): Spring Byington and Una Merkel

Sarah Vaughan and Esther Phillips (1967 - FTV248)

Jane Fonda (1975 - FTV270)

Master Class in Acting with Rod Steiger (1967 - FTV264)

Bob Dylan on Pacifica Radio - The Complete Collection:

Introducing Bob Dylan (1962 - IZ0940)

Bob Fass with Bob Dylan (Jan 1966 - IZ1210a-b)

Bob Dylan and Cynthia Gooding (Mar 1962 - IZ1210a-b)

Bob Dylan Assorted Interviews (IZ1209)

Leonard Cohen, 1974 (1974 - FTV329)

Documentary Pioneers Albert and David Maysles (1971 - FTV326)

Radio Bloomsday (2012 - FTV317): Celebration of James Joyce's Ulysses

Jimmy Cliff (1975 - FTV332)

Two Painters: Van Gogh and Lichtenstein (1967 - FTV290)

Pacifica Radio in the United Kingdom (2011 - FTV266): Fela Kuti, Jack Nicholson, Arthur


Harvey Fierstein and Charles S. Dutton: Actors in Conversation (1984 - FTV278)

Performances and Readings

*Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (complete reading, 40 hours)

To Be A Slave, Parts 1-3 / Julius Lester (1980 - FTV300, FTV301, FTV302): author reading

Gwendolyn Brooks and LeRoi Jones (1964 - FTV268)

Dial-a-Poem (1975 - FTV258): Anne Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs

Aram Saroyan and Poetry (1950's - FTV259): Dylan Thomas, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bukowski,


Women's Music and Poetry from the Coffeehouse (1977 - FTV254): Alice Walker, Sharon


James Joyce's The Dead (FTV275): read by Geraldine Fitzgerald

James Thurber's The 13 Clocks (1969 - FTV279): dramatic radio adaptation

Halloween Fantasy: Vampires (1971 - FTV181): history of Count Dracula

The Body Snatcher (1971 - FTV284): Dudley Knight reads Robert Louis Stevenson

Songs of the Portuguese Revolution (1974 - FTV322)

Cello Master Class with Janos Starker (1971 - FTV321)

William Carlos Williams (1955 - FTV319): American poet

Trumpeter Donald Byrd (1987 - FTV315)

Poetry of Bukowski and Levertov (1962 - FTV310)

Freddie Hubbard Live at La Bastille Jazz Club (1973 - FTV298): trumpeter

Les Guerilleres: Feminist Radio Drama (1973 - FTV306): only recording of this in existence

Gays and Lesbians

Quentin Crisp (1978 - FTV246)

James Baldwin - The Free and the Brave (1963 - FTV249)

Robert Duncan (28 Oct 1969 - FTV271)

Jack Spicer (1965 - FTV273)

Audre Lorde (1980 - FTV276)

Native Americans

Peggy Berryhill's Why Wounded Knee? (1975 - FTV261)

Ganienkeh - An Iroquois Tale (1976 - FTV262)

In the Beginning: A Native American Woman's View (1985 - AZ0842)

Geronimo Pratt (1997 - FTV267)

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