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OB08316-SP19   Digital Civil War: Confronting the Far-Right Menace- Book
OD09513-FA18   Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy
GNCOVID-SP20   Digital Recording of LIVE Webinar with Dr. Gary Null: Tips To Help Minimize Exposure to the Coronavirus + Supercharge Your Immune System DVD
OT0809-FA19   Dinner for two at Sangria Cafe
OT245-FA2018   Dinner with Senator Nina Turner
OD1935-Win20   Dirt
NP0132   Dirty Wars Film and Book by Jeremy Scahill
NB0092   Dirty Wars PAPERBACK by Jeremy Scahill - book
PBC239   Dispelling Wetiko Pack
OB0750   Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil - Book
OB0749   Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History - Book
OB08261-Feb18   Diversifying Diplomacy My Journey from Roxbury to Dakar- Book + CD
OB08315-SP19   Divided Politics Divided Nation- Book
OE0056-S17   Divya Parekh "Personal Assessment"
OB0806-S17   Divya's Entrepreneur Garden (Audio Only-CD)
PBE032-S17   Divya's Entrepreneur Garden Pack
OB0805-S17   Divya's Entrepreneur's Garden (Book)
OD09526-W19   Do Communists Have Better Sex?- DVD
OD0798   Do You Remember Vietnam?
PD0499   Dogon Priest and Spiritual Master 2 DVD Set
PCD088-1   Dogon Wisdom Pack - 2 CD's & 4 DVD's
PC0073-1   Dr Banker and John Monroe Eye Exercise and Nutrition Set

OT7556-F17   Dr Michael Gregor Book
OT7555-F17   Dr Michael Gregor DVD Pack
PBD256-Wi20   Dr. Ali's Flu and The Imperial Medicine-DVD + Book
PD0587-SP19   Dr. Ali's Spring Renewal Package 2019 - 4 DVD's
OC1188-W19   Dr. Ali's The Gut: The Foundation of Health - 3 DVD's
PD0591-SP20   Dr. Ali's Winter Renewal Package 2020 - 3 DVDs
OE0048   Dr. Allan Sicignano - Soho Chiropractic 1 Scoliosis Screening and chiropractic exam
Group001-0920   Dr. Group Immunity Boost Pack - email required
MLK-Historical   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Historical Perspective
PCD104-1   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Prophetic Voice- The Challenges Before Us & a Path Forward-3 DVDs + 3 CDs
FD0023-Su18   Drama of the Gifted Child - Flash Drive
PB0695-FA19   Drawing Power Package - 2 Books
OB0858-FA19   Drawing Power: Women's Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Survival- Book
Equal01-1220   Driving While Black: Ain’t Gona Let Nobody Turn Me Around - 3 DVDs
OB0648   Drug War Book Package
OC0980   Drugs as Weapons AGainst Us - Book
PBD210   Drugs as Weapons Package- Book + CD
OC1175-Su18   Drumscussion- CD
OB08345-FA19   Dying To Be Normal - Gay Martyrs and the Transformation of American Sexual Politics -Book
OB0686   Dylan Goes Electric:Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties - Book
OM322   Dynamic Balance Bodywork Session with Niseema
PBE040-FA18   Dynamic Laws of Prosperity + In Other News Pack
OD09460-FA17   Dysfunctional Societies: Why Inequality Matters - Richard Wilkinson - DVD
OC1154-Fa17   Earl Caldwell 2008 Interview with William Pepper, author of “An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, Jr.” - CD
OB08330-SP19   Earthforms - Book
OC1018   Easter 1916 -CD
OB0822-Su17   Easternization: Asia's Rise to America's Decline, From Obama to Trump and Beyond - Book
PD0520   Eckhart Tolle 3 DVD Pack
OD0837   Eckhart Tolle: THE DOORWAY INTO NOW, DVD
OD0836   Eckhart Tolle: THE SIMPLE TRUTH DVD
OD0835   Eckhart Tolle: WHAT IS MEDITATION? DVD
OD09490-Sp18   Eco of the Pain of Many -DVD
OD09474-Dec17   Eco- Logic - NYC Friends of Clearwater Video Compilation
OC0584   Eco-Logic 2-show CD: Health Effects of Indoor Plants and The First Anniversary Of the BP Blow Out
OC0476   Eco-Logic 4 CD Set

OD09539-WI20   Eco-Logic Helen Caldicott Climate and Nukes DVD
PCD151-SP20   Eco-Logic Helen Caldicott Indian Point Package - 2 DVD + CD's
PCD140-W19   Eco-Logic Multi-Issue Package
PC0203-FA18   Eco-Logic Music Package
PCD130-Dec17   Eco-Logic Pete Seeger Clearwater package
PBD200   Eco-Logic Religion and Unintelligent Design Package - CD +DVD
Coup2019   Economic Coup
OC1189-W19   Eddie Palmieri - Sabiduría / Wisdom - Latin Jazz CD
Vinyl001-Su18   Eddie Palmieri ‎- Is Doin It In The Park - Limited Edition Vinyl
OB0446   Edgar Cayce Remedies (Book)
OD09462-FA17   Education, Inc. - Brian Malone - DVD plus Frederick Douglas CD
OD0916-F16   Election 2016 and the Environment
OC0949   Elizabeth Warren April 2015 CD
PBC274-Su18   Elombe Brath- Selected Writings + Essays - Book + CD Pack
OC0996   Elysium Audiobook CD
PB111F17   End of Policing Package
OB0804-S17   End Of Suffering by Russell Targ + J.J. Hurtak - Book
OD09512-FA18   Enemies Of Peace, Preventing the Next War in the Middle East - DVD
DL0026-FA18   Enemies Of Peace, Preventing the Next War in the Middle East Download
DLT0025-FA18   Enemies Of Peace, Preventing the Next War in the Middle East Download PLUS Film Screening
ODT09511-FA18   Enemies Of Peace, Preventing the Next War in the Middle East DVD PLUS Film Screening
OT0777-Fa18   Enemies Of Peace, Preventing the Next War in the Middle East Film Screening - Ticket
PB0680-SU17   Energy Pack - Two Books
OE0068-Fa18   Energy-Reading/Balancing Sessions with Mitchell Rabin
FD0004-f16   Enneagram and Personality Archive Collection - Flash Drive
PD0513   Enough is Enough and Ban the Box DVD's
OC1195-W19   Enter the Oil Workers DVD
OB0862-WI20   Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape-Book
OB08278-SU18   Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape - Book
DL0012-FA16   Equal Means Equal - Film Digital Download (MUST LEAVE EMAIL)
OD0782   Esencias: La Colmenita in the United States DVD
OB08298-FA18   Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film- Book
PBD202   Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Execution Exoneration Pack
OM3362-Wi19   Etheric Warrior Pack
PD0581-FA18   Eugenics: It's As American As Apple Pie & Rotten To The Core! - 3 DVDs
OD0893   Every Mother's Son - DVD
OC1179-FA19   Everything Old is New Again - The "PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE" 8 CD MEGA MUSIC PACK!
OM3359-Dec18   Everything Old Is New Again Reusable Shopping Bag
OC1038   Excerpts of the Autobiography of Malcom X - 2 CD set
OB0771-F16   Exile on Bridge Street - Book
OB0676   Exoneration - The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell Book
OM323FA16   Extra! FAIR Newsletter Subscription - MUST LEAVE EMAIL
OB100SU18   F*ck It: A Guide To Letting Go and Living Free
OB0715   False Choices: The Faux Feminism
PD0529   False Flag / Dr. Wood Pack
GNP046-1   Fascism Incorporated.: How America Has Become a Police State - 10 CD set
OB08325-SP19   Fashion Animals - Book
PC0183-F18   Fasting, Food and How Not to Die - 3 DVD set
OD100-Summer18   Fatal Flood
OB0749-W17   Feed Your Tiger - Book
OB08342-SU19   Feminism for the 99%- Book
OB08338-SU19   Fight Like a Mother - Book
Building01-1020   Fight the Power! 7 DVDs, 2 CDs
PD0532   Fight the Power: Inequality Is Ultimately A Question Of Power! - 4 DVDs
OT0613-1   Financial Check Up
PBC222   Fire Fight Audio and Book Package
OB0677   Fire Fight, The Century-Long Battle to Integrate New York's Finest, Book
OC1046   Fire In The Cane Fields, Pt. 1 - 3 CD Set
PBCD1984   First Black Republic Combo
Suzy001-1020   Fit For Life Weight Loss Program - e-mail required
PC0182-F16   Flamenco, Jazz & Beyond Package
PC0204-FA18   Flamenco, Jazz & Beyond Package - 2 CD's
OC1158-Feb18   Fleetwood Mac Remastered 2CD
OC1159-Feb18   Fleetwood Mac Remastered Deluxe Box
OB08267-Feb18   Fleshing Out Skull & Bones: Investigations Into America's Most Powerful Secret Society-Book
OC1059   Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee- An Autobiography by Muhammad Ali -6 CDs
OM321   FMTV 3 Month Subscription Gift Card
OB0830-FA18   Follow The Money
OB0756   FOOD MATTERS Detox Guide (Book)
OD0244-1   Food Matters DVD
PBD220   FOOD MATTERS DVD + Detox Guide Book Pack
OC1120-S17   Forbidden - CD
PBD229-S17   Forbidden Pack- 2 Books + CD
OD1937-Win20   Forest & Environmental Convergence 2-DVD Set
OB08279-SU18   Forgotten Civilization- Book
PBC288-SP20   Fortune in My Eyes by David Rothenberg (Autographed Book) + One Man Show "Namedropping" (CD)
OD0925-W17   Fran and Irwin DVD
OM289   Frank Sinatra MP3 Download
OB0788-W17   Frederick Douglas in Brooklyn - Book
PBC002-W17   Frederick Douglas Pack Book & CD
PD0567-Feb18   Freedom on My Mind – 2 DVDs
PD0545-Dec16   Freedom Suite - 6 DVDs
OD09529-W19   Freeway: Crack in the System DVD
OC1028   Friars' Roasts - CD or Download
OM3380-SU20   Fridgezone
OB0657   From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History- Book
OD0947-S17   From Mali to Congo: What the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You About Africa" Teach-In DVD
OD0907   From Palace to Plantation to Glory
OD0550-FA18   From Table to Able DVD
NB0097   Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel - book
OD0729-1   Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker - DVD
WOT4-Wi20   Furnari Health Arnica Sports Gel with CBD
WOT2-Wi20   Furnari Health Detox Bath with Seaweed
WOT3-Wi20   Furnari Health Laminarium Oil
WOT-WI20   Furnari Health Seaweed Detox 3 Pack D
OC1121-S17   Galo Negro - Sam Mangwana -CD
GNC018   Gary Null Interview With CIA Whistleblower Robert Steel
GNS-Breakfast   Gary Null - Superfood Breakfast + Feel Happy DVD
GNP074-Feb18   Gary Null Eating And Healing Naturally Dollar-A-Day Pack
GNP018-win17   Gary Null Facist America Pack
GNS001-0820   Gary Null Green Stuff + Reconnecting with the Sacred Link DVD
GNS035-Fa18   Gary Null's Energy Stuff
GND040   Gary Null's American Veterans Abandoned & Betrayed

GNS039-Sp20   Gary Null's Anti-Aging Elixer + How to Reverse Aging Naturally DVD
GND054-Su18   Gary Null's Art of Health - 4 DVD set
GNS028-FA16   Gary Null's Cardio Stuff
GNFresh-su18   Gary Null's Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath Package
GN0017-Feb18   Gary Null's Conversations With Remarkable Minds - Flash Drive
GNB021-SP19   Gary Null's Curing the Incurable - Cookbook and add on add on the Supercharge Your Immune System DVD
GNS040-Sp20   Gary Null's Green Stuff + Food, Mood, Body Connection DVD
GNhpack-Fa18   Gary Null's Healing Power Pack - 3 Nutrients plus DVD
GND0685   Gary Null's Healing the Brain Naturally -DVD
GNP052   Gary Null's How to Live a Rewarding and Sustainable Life - 8 CD set
GNS029-W17-2   Gary Null's Love DVD
GNP054   Gary Null's Memory Stuff + Healing the Brain Naturally - DVD + Memory Stuff
GNarthritis-W19   Gary Null's New Anti-inflammation Anti-arthritis PACK - Cook Book, Reversing Arthritis + Pain Naturally Book + DVD
OB0530   Gary Null's No More Allergies - Book
GN0676   Gary Null's No More Allergies - DVD

GNB015   Gary Null's No More Diabetes - Preventing and Reversing Diabetes the Natural Way - Book
GND006-2   Gary Null's No More Diabetes - Preventing and Reversing Diabetes the Natural Way - DVD
GNP050-1   Gary Null's No More Diabetes -Preventing and Reversing Diabetes the Natural Way DVD + Book
GND2020-wi20   Gary Null's Overcoming Addictive Behavior and De-Stress Naturally - 2 DVD Pack
GNSBerry-Sp20   Gary Null's Power Berry Blast + Rebalance Your Life DVD
GND005-1   Gary Null's Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally - 2 DVD Set
GNS004-SU17   Gary Null's Red Stuff + 2 Free DVD's
GNB020-Fa18   Gary Null's Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time - Book + Plant Codes Bonus DVD
GNP066   Gary Null's Special Police State Pack - 20 CD set
GNC008   Gary Null's The Deep State, Emerges from the Swamp - 4 CD set
GND052-S17   Gary Null's The Hidden Hand - 4 DVD Set
GNS025   Gary Null's Total Body Moisturizer Cream
GNS037-FA19   Gary Null's Triple Stuff Pack
GNS034-Feb18   Gary Null's Ultimate Supreme Health Formula
GNP049   Gary Null's We Know Who Killed MLK - 2 CD set
GNDL009-FA17   Gary Null's What To Do When Disaster Strikes - digital download (must leave email)
GNP076-SP18   Gary Null's Women’s Health Solutions - 4 CD Set
GNP051-1   Gary Null’s Pathologizing of African Americans - 3 CD set
PC0201-May18   Gary Spehar - autographed Anger Management CD (includes 1-hour interview)
PBC221   Gateway to Freedom Package -Book +CD
OC0930   Gateway to Freedom: A Conversation with Eric Foner- CD
OB0667   Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad -Book
OM3364-Wi19   Gays Against Guns Button Set

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