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OB0712   Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care
PCD135-FA18   Justice Will Be Served - 2 DVDs + CD
OD0814   Justin Williams Comedy DVD: Black and Comfortably Middle Class
OC1025   Karavika - Raja Chamber Folk- CD
PC0177   Karavika Double CD set
PC0196-Dec17   Kate Millett Package
OD0868   Katie Halper Live: Comedy DVD w/ Jay Smooth
OC1008   Katie Halper Show: interviews with Margaret Cho, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Nate Silver and more -CD
OC1153-Fa17   Katrina Blues: Exile In The Promised Land - CD set
OM3373-FA19   Kevin Sacco Graphic Pair
OM3372-FA19   Kevin Sacco Graphic Trio
OB0800-S17   Killers of the Flower Moon - Book
OB08314-SP19   Killing Journalism - Book
OB08293-FA18   Killing the Host - How Financial Parasites and Debt Destroy the Global Economy- Book
ND0080   King: A Filmed Record - Montgomery to Memphis - DVD Documentary
PD0560-Fa17   Kneeling and Race in the Era of Trump - 3 DVD Pack
OB0868-SP20   Knockout: Fidel Castro Visits the South Bronx-Book
PD0552-S17   Kunstler Trio -3 DVD's
PCD138-Dec18   Kwanzaa Knowledge Power Pack - 3 CD packs + DVD
PD0582-Dec18   La Lucha: Latinos in the U.S. – 3 DVDs
OD101-SU18   La Vida No Es Facil (Life Is Not Easy) - DVD
OB08241-FA17   Latino Leaders Speak (2nd edition): Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph - Mickey Ibarra
PBD233-FA17   Latino Power $1-A-Day Pack
OD09456-FA17   Latinos Beyond Reel - Miguel Picker, Chyng-Feng Sun - DVD
OB08242-FA17   Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition, 2nd Edition - Edited by Sherrie Baver, Angelo Falcón, and Gabriel Haslip-Viera - book
OC1088-Dec16   Laughter From The Left -CD
OD0880   Laura Flanders TV Show Highlights - Exclusive DVD
PBT0771-SP18   LAURA FREDRICKS, JD: Self Empowerment Pack - Book + Workshop June 25, 6-9pm
OB08275-SP18   LAURA FREDRICKS, JD: The Ask for Business, Philanthropy and Everyday Living- Book
PCD133-Feb18   Law + Disorder Revolution Pack
OC1039   Law and Disorder Archives 2014-2015
OD09525-FA18   Law and Disorder Archives 2015-2018 - DVD
OC1170-Sp18   Law and Disorder Archives 2016-2017
PBC277-FA18   Law and Disorder Farewell Pack - Book and Archives
PBC266-Feb17   Law and Disorder February 2018 Pack
PBC270-Sp18   Law and Disorder Iran Pack - Book + CD
PBC278-Dec18   Law and Disorder Rat Pack
PBC273-Su18   Law and Disorder Summer 2018 Pack - Book + CD
OB0698   Law of the Land - A Lotus Flower in Muddy Waters - Stuart Perrin - Book
PB0671   Law of the Land - Stuart Perrin Book Package + Bonus
OB0697   Law of the Land - The Constitution: An African-American Context- Book
PBC285-SU19   Lawyer For The Left & Punishment Without Crime - 2 Books + 2 Cd's
OB08309-W19   Lawyers For the Left - Book
PBC284-SP19   Lawyers For The Left Pack - Book + CD's
OC1106-S17   Lazou Mizik - Wa Di Yo - CD
OC0924   Leadership CD
OT0773-SU18   Left Academy Three Classes Sampler -Pass
OD0809   Legacy of The Eagle -DVD
OE0058-W18   Legal Consultation with Blackstone Law Group (3 hours)
OB0787-Dec16   Len, A Lawyer in History: A Graphic Biography of Radical Attorney Leonard Weinglass-Book
PBD242-Feb18   Let's Get Loaded and Rumble- Book + DVD
OB08311-SP19   Let's Talk about Death over Dinner - Book
OC1031   Letters and Politics Fascism, Economics & Resistance Pack - CD
OB0652   Letters of Love and Hope: The Story of the Cuban 5
OB0779-F16   Lex Hixon's "Conversations in the Spirit"
OD0909   Liam Ryan DVD
OC0863   Lies my Teacher Told me Audio Book -CD
PD0579-FA18   Lies, Damn Lies and Columbus - 6 DVDs plus 1 Audiobook (10.5 hours)
OB0688   Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment - Book
PBCD053-FA19   Life or Death: Environmental Racism -3 DVDs, 1 audiobook, 2 CDs
PBFD101-DEC18   Life's Work; A Moral Argument for Choice- Book + Flash Drive
PD0503-1   Lift Every Voice DVD Pack - 4 DVDs
PD0503   Lift Every Voice DVD Pack -3 DVDs
FD0025-FA18   Listening With a Lover's Heart - Armand DiMele Collection - Flash Drive
OC1194-SP19   Live At The Fillmore - 4 CD's
OC1165-Feb18   Live At The Village Gate 1977 - CD
NYintLiveRDec2017   Live Roots Sessions & Yomo Toro Xmas Pack
PCE0002-Dec18   Living A Spiritual Life in a Material World by Anna Gatmon, Book, Interview CD and BookClub
OB0734   Living The Lord's Prayer - Book
OC1193-W19   Llaguno Bridge: Keys to a Massacre - DVD
OB08265-Feb18   Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment-Book
OC0995   Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition (5CD/1DVD) Box set
OC1129-Su17   Long Strange Trip - 2 CD set
OB08258-Dec17   Look For Me In The Whirlwind
OD0730   Looking for Fidel by Oliver Stone - DVD
OC1012   Lorraine Hansberry in Her own Words -CD
OC1082-F16   Los Van Van - A Deluxe Box Set
OB0709   LOTL - Report on the Status of Black Women and Girls(r)
PCD100   Lottery of Birth, History and Colonization Dollar-a-day pack
OC1116-S17   Louis Armstrong in San Francisco / George Christopher ; interviewed by Herbert Feinstein. (CD)
OB08255-Dec17   Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever
OB0717   Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox - Book
OD0877   LSL Hands to the Sky documentary-DVD
OM267   Luminaries of the Hacker World painting
OC0661   Lynching: An American Tradition Documentary on CD by Michael G

OC1051   MAC Power Trio CD
OC1187-Wi19   Malachy McCourt - CD
PCD142-W19   Malcolm X: The End of White World Supremacy 5 films, and 6 CDs
OB0823-S17   Mambo Diablo: My Journey With Tito Puente
OC1104-S17   Mambo Kingdom - Book
PCDmandela   Mandela: Warrior Against Apartheid, Gold Package 8 DVDs, 3 CDs
PCDmandelasilver   Mandela: Warrior Against Apartheid, Silver Package 4 DVDs, 2 CDs
mariannew-1   Marianne Williamson: Divine Compensation Package - MUST INCLUDE VALID EMAIL
OB08257-Dec17   Marita: The Spy Who Loved Castro
PCD027-Wi20   Marley Meets Malcom
PC0153-1   Marley Radio Documentary Package- 3 CD's
OC1208-Sp20   Marvin Miller Interview CD
OC0984   Master Class EP
OB08288-FA18   Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence by Esther Perel - Book
OT0797-SP19   McCourt Dinner
PCD136-FA18   Meditation for the NEW Millennium CD-DVD Pack
OC0923   Meditation for the NEW Millennium w Kathryn Davis - 2 CD set
OB0815-S17   Meet ClaraBelle Blue Vol. 1 by Abida U Nelson (Children's Book)
NYICD1-Dec17   Meeting of the Roots -CD
OC0959   Mega-Medley Broadcast Highlights- CD
FD0018-Feb18   Men's Series Collection- Flash Drive
OB0695   Merchants of Doubt - Book
PBD207   Merchants of Doubt - Book + DVD
OD0832   Merchants of Doubt DVD
OC1157-Dec17   Metoo CD
OC0970   Michael Beckwith 6 CD Pack
OD0825   Michelle Alexander LMU Talk DVD
PCD102   Michelle Alexander LMU Talk DVD and 3 CD set
OD09455-Su17   Mighty Motherland Pack - 2 DVD's
OB0743   Miles and Me - Book
DL0019-Dec17   Mind Movies Matrix Subconscious Reprogramming System- Must Leave Valid Email
PBC268-Feb18   Mingus Malcolm Music Package- Book, CD + Pair of Tickets
OM1934-Win20   Mini-Ionic Filter & Supercharge Your Immune System DVD
OD0903   Mirrors Of Privilege Making Whiteness Visible
OC1083-Dec16   Miss Sharon Jones! Movie Soundtrack - CD
MLK-4-WBAI   MLK - Save WBAI Pack - 3 DVD's and 4 CD's - (add on) Also includes 1 free 1 Voices That Change The World flashdrive
MLK-Vs-Empire   MLK – Defeat the Empire Pack - 5 DVDs and 11 CDs - (add on) Also includes 1 free 1 Voices That Change The World flashdrive
CD00092-1   MLK Labor Speeches
OC1191-W19   MLK Music Special (I Have a Tune) - CD
PBCD041   MLK, His Life and Militant Voice Dollar-a-day Pack
OD0777   Mobilize DVD - Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
OB08306-W19   Money & Class In America - Book
PBC282-W19   Money and ClassPack - Book + CD
Montuno-1   Montuno
MB1132017   Moody Bitches
OD09458-FA17   More Than A Word – John and Kenn Little - DVD
OD09502-Sp18   Mother of the Nation - Winnie Madikizela-Mandela 2 DVDs
OD0897   Mountains That Take Wing - DVD
OC1044   Movement for Black Lives Convention MP3 CD (July 2015)
LawD01-1220   Moving the Bar - My Life As A Radical Lawyer
PCD131-Dec17   Mr. Dynamite Limited Super Premium Pack - Limited Quantity (4)
OC1053   Muhammad Ali 3-CD Set
OD0834   Music is my Life, Politics My Mistress
OC0961   Mustafa Barhouti Speaks in Americs - CD Speaks in America - CD
OD0830   Mustafa Barhouti Speaks in Americs - CD Speaks in America - DVD
OD0889   My Brooklyn - DVD
OT7545-F17   Mystic and Physicist Pack
OB08286-FA18   Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power Pack - Book
PBC275-FA18   Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power Pack - Book + CD
OB08302-FA18   Myths Lies and Oil Wars - Book
OC1067-F16   NAMA 16 Winners - CD
OD0866   Narcomania DVD
PC0161-F16   Nat Turner Combo
PD257-FA18   Native American Pack
PBCD044-Dec16   Native Americans- The Fight for Our Land 6 DVDs, 1 Audiobook, 2 CDs
OM266   Native Amerrican Nations Map
OD0021   Natural Medicine: A Survivors Guide 3 DVD Set
OC1128-Su17   Natural sound workshop (Episode 30 of 33) - CD
OB0791-W17   Naturally Pain Free - by Letha Hadady - Book
OB0722   Negro Comrades Of The Crown - Book
OE0060-SU17   Neurology Intake with Dr. Cristian Enescu
OB08327-SP19   New Debtors' Prison: Why All Americans Are in Danger of Losing Their Freedom - Book
PBD199   New Haiti Resistance $1 a day Pack -3 DVD's + Book
OC1065-w17   New York International - Papo Ortega's Cubanoson
OC1066-w17   New York International - Recordando a Cuba
DL0029-SP19   Ngoma -Music for My Soldiers - Download MUST HAVE EMAIL
OB0829-Su17   Nights Thoughts by Wallace Shawn - Book
PC0036   Nina Simone: Soul and Fire – 3 CD Set
OC0191   NITESHIFT MLK Mix - 2 CD's
GNS001   Nitric Cell Stuff
PCD149-SP19   No More Wars! War… Huh… Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! 4 DVDs, 1 CD
OB08310-W19   No Rainbow and Other Poems - Book
PB0688-W19   No Starch Package- 2 Books + T-Shirt
OB08289-FA18   Northern Heist -Book
OB08243-FA17   Not Our President: New Directions from the Pushed Out, the Others, and the Clear Majority in Trump's Stolen America - book
OB0719   Not-So-Intelligent Designer -Book
OC1015   Now Ain't The Time For Tears
DL0021-SP18   Now is the Time documentary film: Download
OD09496-Sp18   Now is the Time documentary film: DVD
PC0169   Nuclear Space with Gundersen and Gagnon
OC1134-Su17   NY Int'l Cross Cultural Dance Pack
OTBHM20   NYADIFF Presents: Black History Month Film Series - Ticket
ODO2-9480-2018   Occupation Of The American Mind, Trumping Democacy Pack
OEC010   Ocean Nutrients
OD09508-FA18   OD09508-FA18 $40.00 Eco-Logic: Bees and Pesticides w/ Rev. Billy, Mercy Van Vlack + Len Librizzi-DVD
OD09488-Feb18   Olympic Pride American Prejudice-DVD
OM288   OM288 $50 Elysium Audiobook MP3 download
Heart001-0920   Omyst ® Organic Herbal Healing First Aid Spray
Heart002-0920   Omyst ® Organic Herbal Healing First Aid Spray 2 Pack
PCD150-SU19   On the "Move": 3 DVDs, 1 CD
OB0196   On to New Orleans - Louisiana's Heroic 1811 Slave Revolt - Book
PBC050-1   On to New Orleans Pack- Book + 3CD"s
OB0556   One Man Alone - Book + Interview CD
OE0069-W19   One-on-one Past Life Regression Session with Mira Kelly
OD09499-Sp18   Open Bethlehem DVD
OB0746   Ordinary Poverty - Book
OM3340-S17   Orgonite
FD0010-S17   Original People Part 2 - USB - Heart Of Mind Radio
PD0555-S17   Original People USB and What They Didn't Tell You 2 DVD Pack
FD0002   Original People, Black, Red and Brown: Heart Of Mind Radio

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