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OC1182-FA18   Perfectly Clear - CD
OB08350-FA19   Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love - Book
DNP246-FA19   Permanent Record Book + Democracy Now! interview with Edward Snowden Pack
DNB8269-FA19   Permanent Record by Edward Snowden - Book
OD0021-SP19   Pete Seeger - The Power of Song - DVD
OC1195-SP19   Pete Seeger Centennial collection - 1 MP3 CD 10 Hours
OC1043   Pete Seeger: Storm King Vol. 1 & 2 -CD
OD0833   Phyllis Bennis on ISIS -DVD
OB0190-1   Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100 by Michio Kaku of Explorations (Book)

OD0932-W17   Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature’s Healing Powers-DVD
PD0590-FA19   Playing for Change - 6 DVDs
OB0821-F17   Playing the Whore
OB0755   Please Kill Me - Book
DL0009   Please Kill Me - Download, MUST LEAVE EMAIL
OC1174-Sp18   Poetry Power: Arts Express Plus Collectors Edition - CD
PC0143   Police State USA- The Shredding of American Democracy
OB08256-Dec17   Policing the Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment
OB08239-FA17   Policing the Planet - book
OM270   Political finger puppets and figurines signed by Fernando Sosa
OM0069   Pong iPhone 5 Case in Black

OD0949-Su17   Pope's Climate Encyclical Panel Discussion
OD0874   Poverty, Politics and Progressives DVD
GNP071   Power Health Collection
PBC220   Power of Now + Flowering of Human Consciousness CD - Echert Tolle Book + CD
OD0691   Power of Soul - One Man Changed the World of Music, DVD
OD0912-F16   Power to the People!- 8 DVD's
PD0583-W19   Power, Politics & Voter Suppression $1/Day Pack- 4 DVD's
Web0004-FA18   Pre-Cognition Webinar with Julie Mossbridge
OE0067-Fa18   Private Energy Healing Session with Kathryn
PB0694-FA19   Professor's Criminal Justice Reform Pack - 2 Books
OEC034-SP2020   Protekt Probiotic Spring Cleaning Pack- EMAIL REQUIRED
OD0795   Psychology and the New Heroism - DVD
FD0013-Fa17   Public Radio Anthology Volume 1 (2-for-1 USB Drives)
OC1083-F16   Puerto Rican Celebrating X-Mas by Yomo Toro - 2 CD
OB08333-SU19   Punishment Without Crime - Book
OC1138-Su17   Putumayo World Reggae CD
DL0036-SP20   Quantum Sound Therapy Package Download- MUST LEAVE EMAIL
OD2587Sum18   Queen Nanny
OD09533-SP19   Queen Nanny - DVD
OD09537-FA19   Queen Nanny Legendary Maroon-DVD
PBCD033   Questioning History $1 a day Pack- Book, DVD, CD, Audio Book
PC0195-Fa17   Raúl Midón CD Grab Bag
OB0727   Race and Real Estate - Book
OB0596   Race to Revolution: The U.S. and Cuba During Jim Crow - Book
OB0668   Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present -Book
OD09457-FA17   Race, Power and American Sports - Dave Zirin - DVD
PBD192   Race, Revolution and the USA $1 a day pack - 2 Books + DVD
OB0777-F16   Race? Debunking a Scientific Myth - Book
OB0818-S17   Racial Subordination In Latin America - Book
PBC257-W17   Racial Subordinations in Latin America & 3 Jordan Journal interviews w/ Tanya Katerí Hernández
PBC267-Feb18   Racial Subordinations in Latin America & 3 Jordan Journal interviews w/ Tanya Katerí Hernández- Book + CDs
OD09498-Sp18   Racism and the Racial Genocide of Black People -DVD
OEC020   Radiant Skin From Inside Out (book) plus- Spa Technologies Omega Ceuticals Serum
PBC233   Radicals In America Pack - Book + CD
OB0724   Radicals In America: The U.S. Left since the Second World War- Book
OD0672-1   Radio Unnameable DVD, Bob Fass and the Rise of Free Expression on the Airwaves
OC1185-FA18   Raging Grannies - Still Aging, Still Raging-CD
PCD073   Raging Grannies Music Package
OD0938-S17   Ralph Nader 2 Talks DVD
PBC251-Dec16   Ralph Nader Holiday Special - ​2 books 1 CD
OC1167-Feb18   Ravers' Black History Month Package- 4 CDs
OC0093   Ray Bradbury - 2 Disc Set
OC0972   Ray Korona Band "Too Much Sunshine"
OC0945   Ray McGovern 2015 interview w Paulette Spencer CD
PCD098   Ray McGovern: The Corruption of U.S. Intelligence DVD w/ CD Interview
OB0751-SP20   Real Irish New York
OC1013   Rebel Diaz Radio - Rubble Kings Soundtrack - CD
OB08284-FA18   RECKLESS: Henry Kissinger and the Tragedy of Vietnam-Book
OM269   Recovery 2.0 Beyond Addiction FEB 2015 On-Line Conference Series with Tommy Rosen
OC1100-w17   Red Diaper Baby Show #3 -CD
OB08336-SU19   Red State Revolt - Book
OD0789   Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights DVD
PD0571-Feb18   Reflections Unheard: Women in the Struggle for Human Rights- 2DVD's
OB0713   Reform Without Justice: Latino Politics and The Homeland Security State -Book
OE0063-Feb18   Relationship Assessment w/ therapist and psychiatrist Dr. Kent Robertshaw
OD0802   Religion and Environmentalism - DVD
PD0558-Su17   Religious Environmentalism Package
PCD129-FA17   Resist Trump: His Politics of Race and Class - 2 DVDs, 1 Audiobook
PCD117-FA16   Resistance! Against Incarcerating US - 8 DVDs, 1 CD
PD0538   Resistencia en Venezuela, Mexico & Latin America- 3 DVD's
OB0645   Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii: The Kanaka Maoli Route to Independence
OC1144-Fa17   Return to Accra- CD
pbc001   Reverand Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir
PBD254-FA19   ReVisioning American History: An African American, Latinx & Indigenous Peoples History of the US
OD09480-Dec17   Rezistans
OB0761   Rhythm for Sale - Book
PD0570-Feb18   Rhythms of Freedom - A History of Jazz- 10 DVDs
PD0570-Five   Rhythms of Freedom - A History of Jazz- 5 DVDs
PB0690-SP19   Richard Wolff Book Package: Understanding Marxism and Capitalism's Crisis Deepens
OD0939-S17   Richard Wolff: Capitalism Crisis - DVD
OT0774-SU18   Rick Wolff's Intensive: Contending Theories in Economics
ND0157   Roadmap to Apartheid - film Narrated by Alice Walker
OD0917-F16   Robber Barons: Race and Class Inequality, 4 DVD set
OC2005W17   Robert Knight Interviewed John Pilger
PB0686-SP17   Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Combo Pack
OM327-F16   Roy Ayers Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl - signed by the artist
OC1075-F16   Rude, Crude and Crass - CD
OB0798-W17   Rules for Revolutionaries and Necessary Trouble - Books
OD09483-Feb18   Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World-DVD
OB0660   Sacred Seed - Book
PC0189-S17   Salazar Mini-Pac
PCD097   Sam Cooke: Portrait of a Legend and The Gospel Truth: The Sam Cook Story- CD + DVD Pack
OC1131-Su17   Sam Mangwana - Live Brooklyn - 2000 (Exclusive Live Concert)
PC0182-F18   Samori Marksman: Memorial
OC1084-F16   Sarah Vian CD Single
STSILpack   Say It Loud Exclusive Deal
PBCD034   Say it Loud: The Evolution of Dr. Cornel West $1 a day pack
OD0844   Say It Loud: The Rise and Fall of Black Radio -DVD
OC1201-SP19   Schnabel Complete Piano Music -CD
PBCD054-FA19   Scientology Package: Book, CD & DVD
OM260   Scrambled Shortcuts-Songs About Food
OD0871   Searching for Thanksgiving – Harry Hubbard – DVD
OB08252-Dec17   Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel
OB0691   Senegal Modern Senegalese Recipes From Source to Bowl - Autographed Book +CD
SerWinter19   Serotrex - Chewable for Mood Stabilization
OE0073-SP19   Session With Lynn Singer
OC1113-S17   Shakespeare and Elizabethan England / A.L. Rowse ; interviewed by Colin Edwards. (CD)
OB0855-FA19   Shameless Feminists - Book
PCD105   She's Beautiful When She's Angry- DVD
OB0647   Shepherding the Sea: The Race To Save Our Oceans
OB0780-F16   SHOCK EXCHANGE, How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the great Recession and the Pain Ahead.- Book
DL0005   Shortcuts through Time & Space (a career in sound) - Download - MUST LEAVE EMAIL
OC1033   Shortcuts through Time & Space CD
PC0175   Shortcuts through Time & Space Package -3 Cd's
PD0500   Sidereal Calendar and Traditional Time Division 2 DVD Set
OT0733-w17   Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars: Inspired West African Music -Ticket
OB0803-S17   Sights Along the Harbor - Book
OM3370-SP19   Signed bottle of "Le Kool" Champagne from Kool and the Gang!
OB0783-Dec16   Signed Copy of "Modern Sexuality: The Truth about Sex and Relationships"
OC1198-SP19   Signed Copy of Dionne Warwick New Release "She's Back" - CD
OB0670   Single Jewish Male Seeking Soulmate
PD0531   Sirius DVD and CIA UFO Disclosure Data Disc -2 DVD's
OM302   Six Figures Gift Package #1
OM303   Six Figures Gift Package #2
OD0839   Slave Catchers, Slave Resistance and Racialized Policing (DVD)
OC1071-F16   Slave: Days Of Blood, Days Of Tears - 4 CD set
OD0476-1   Slavery By Another Name DVD
PBCD025-1   Slaves: Our Voices Our Fight for Freedom $1 a day pack
OC1001   SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference - CD
OB0704   Snowdon - Graphc Novel
OD09452-Su17   Soap Making for beauty, health and entrepreneurship with Renee Whitlock - DVD
OB0635   Social Security Works!: Why Social Security Isn’t Going Broke and How Expanding It Will Help Us All- Book
OT0726-w17   Socially Relevant Film Fest - Pass for Two People
OT0725-w17   Socially Relevant Film Fest - Single Pass
OB08244-FA17   Socrates and Orunmila - Book
STinHaiti2020   Sojourner Truth in Haiti Exclusive 3DVD Set
OD0748   Sojourner Truth Presents: Gerald Horne w/ Maurice Carney - DVD
OB08352-FA19   Solving 9/11 The Original Articles: Volume II-Book
PC0191-S17   Somewhere in There and Grief and Praise: An Evening with Martin Prechtel - 2 CD set
OC0912   Songs in the Key of Life CD
OD0786   Songs in the Key of Life DVD
PCD091   Songs in the Key of Life DVD + CD Pack
OB0814-S17   Songs of the Baka and Other Discoveries: Travels after Sixty-Five - Book
Web0003-Su18   Sonia Barrett - 7 Day Program- MUST LEAVE EMAIL
DL0024-Su18   Sonia Barrett - Video: (download) The Surrender - 5 hours - MUST LEAVE EMAIL
DL0023-Su18   Sonia Barrett -Audio book: (download) The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter- MUST LEAVE EMAIL
PBD247-Su18   Sonia Barrett Pack - Video, Audio Book and 7 Day Program- MUST LEAVE EMAIL
PC0160-3   Soul Central Station T-Shirt - CHOOSE A SIZE
OC1122-S17   Soul Hits Of The 80's
PBC276-FA18   Southern Horrors - Book + CD Interview
PBCD049-Fa18   Southern Horrors - Book, 2Cd's, + DVD
OM3346-Su17   Soviet Tank Medal
OD0900   Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 - Book
OB0827-Su17   Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen
PC0166   Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - 5 CD Pack
OC1099-w17   Speeches of Frederick Douglass-CD
PBC229   Spin-glish Book + CD Package
OC0997   Spin-glish CD
OD09527-W19   Spirit Power, Ancient and Future - Data DVD
OB08312-SP19   Spiritual Adrenaline -Book
OD09476-Dec17   Spooks, Hoods and the Hidden Elite: The First-Person Story of How the Secret Government Orchestrated the Assassination of President Kennedy
PBD239-Dec17   Spooky Scoundrels Pack - DVD + Book
Sports2019   Sports Pack- Book + 2 DVD's
OB0859-WI20   Spy Sites of New York City: A Guide to the Region's Secret History (autographed book)
OB0796-W17   Spying On Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power and Public Resistance- Book
OC0939   Stan Freberg Disc
OC1193-SP19   Stand Up - CD
PD0509   Stand up on Truth: Reparatory Justice is Now! - 6 DVD Set on Reparations
OD0788   Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders DVD
OC0848-SP20   Stanley Eldridge’s RETURN ME TO MY MIND (poetry) with SYSTEM BABIES cd
OM3378-SP20   Stevie Wonder Album Cover Quilt Blanket
OD0863   Still I Rise: a film trilogy on the centrality of race in 5 DVDsStill I Rise: a film trilogy on the centrality of race in 5 DVDs
PC0190-S17   STRAIGHT FROM THE VAULT - curated 4 CD pack by State of the Arts NYC
OD0815   Strange Fruit Documentary DVD Billie Holiday
OM273   Subscription to Global Advances in Health and Medicine
OM3348-Fa17   Subscription to Pure Jazz Magazine
OM3360-Wi19   Succor Punch
OB08343-SU19   Such a Pretty Girl - Book
OB0866-SP20   Suffrage: Women's Long Battle for the Vote-Book

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