Voices that Change the World - Flash Drive 2 for 1
Voices that Change the World - Flash Drive 2 for 1
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Product Code: FD0007-W17

Two 64 gb USB drive / approximately 1000 hours

Two for the Price of One

Approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Wrap your ears around the largest and most comprehensive collection of historic
audio ever compiled by Pacifica Radio Archives, now available for the very first
time on a single USB memory drive. With nearly one thousand hours of
meticulously curated audio, covering dozens and dozens of topics, listening will
find you inspired, challenged, entertained, and educated - the true fulfillment
of Pacifica Radio's Mission Statement!

From the Vault, Volumes 1-6

Explore over 500 one-hour radio documentaries hand-crafted from the exquisite
audio preserved at Pacifica Radio Archives - immerse yourself in sounds covering
some of the most important events of the last fifty years, featuring voices of
some of history's most controversial figures, like Noam Chomsky, Ray Bradbury,
Alice Walker, Allen Ginsberg, June Jordan, Adrienne Rich, and hundreds more.

Sixty Five Years, Sixty Five Voices

Each recording in this compilation was chosen for Pacifica's 65th Anniversary
because it uniquely exemplifies the quintessential Pacifica sound. The result
is a well-rounded and rich tapestry of the history of Pacifica Radio through the
voices of Gore Vidal, Langston Hughes, Bernardo Bertolucci, Elsa Knight
Thompson, Jessica Mitford, Dylan Thomas, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Murray Bookchin,
Lena Horne, plus dozens more.

Black History

The Pacifica Radio Archives proudly presents its comprehensive collection of
Black voices in celebration of Black History - with studies of Black Power, the
Black Panthers, Blacks in Hollywood, Black Poets, and Black Authors; you'll hear
from Huey Newton, Rosa Parks, Paul Robeson, Nelson Mandela, Billie Holiday, John
Coltrane, and many more.

Women's History

Showcasing Women's History through restored audio recordings dating back to the
earliest days of community radio broadcasting in 1949, these recordings have
been professionally preserved and digitized through grants and listener
donations. Included in the collection are Pauline Kael, Emma Goodman, Alice
Walker, Helen Caldicott, Lily Tomlin, Bette Davis, and many more.


Pacifica Radio's vibrant tradition of non-traditional on-air book readings wove
its way through the last six decades with gusto. Relax, and visit to a
different reality with readings of literary classics like Tolstoy's War and
Peace, Lawrence Durrell's The Alexandria Quartet, George Orwell's Nineteen
Eighty-Four, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from
Underground, Jaime de Angulo's Indian Tales, and Noel Langley's children's
classic, In the Land of Green Ginger.

Grammy Restored Recordings

In 2013 the Pacifica Radio Archives received a grant from the GRAMMY Foundation
to preserve two series of music and theater programs that aired on WBAI-FM,
Pacifica's NYC affiliate station, back in the 1960s and 1970s: The Free Music
Store and the Mind's Eye Theatre. These two series are exemplary of WBAI's
history of cutting-edge cultural programming, and feature performances by Janos
Starker, Dave van Ronk, Julia Mendina, John Hammond, and over a dozen plays
including Romeo and Juliet, The Starr Pitt, and Inquest at Christiana, to name
just a few.

Pacifica and Politics

These recordings showcase the quality and breadth of Pacifica' s coverage of all
things political, with classic topics covering Watergate, the Vietnam War, the
American Indian Movement, gang politics, and race relations through the voices
of Fidel Castro, Russell Means, Molly Ivans, Mort Sahl, Philip Agee, Dick
Gregory, and so many more.

Radio Arts

Pacifica's diverse history has always included as a cornerstone unabashed and
enthusiastic support for art in all forms, with a penchant for the
controversial. The Radio Arts collection celebrates that amazing broadcast
history with recordings form artists like Gary Snyder, Edith Piaf, Suni Paz,
Vincent Harding, Judy Chicago, Toni Morrison, Ed Asner, Julius Lester, Rosalyn
Drexler, Phil Ochs, Jerry Stiller, and plenty more.

Student Free Speech Movement

Pacifica was front and center for one of the most important pivot points of the
Civil Liberties movement - the student protest on the UC Berkely during the
1964-65 academic year. Travel back to this politically charge place in time
with the l ikes of Joan Baez, Mario Savio, Bettina Aptheker, student organizers,
plus fantastic 'on the street' actuality from campus and beyond.

Religious Studies

Pacifica Radio has always welcomed beliefs of all kinds to its airwaves, and
through the decades has amassed an impressive body of audio that covers
alternative views of theology, issues concerning religions of all kinds, and
historical perspectives on the origins of religion. We'll hear from religious
thinkers such as Alan Watts, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Russell Means, D.T. Sozuki,
and Blase Bonpane.

Exploration with Dr. Michio Kaku

Pacifica Radio's flagship science program, hosted by theoretical physicist (and
sci-pop-culture phenom) Dr. Michio Kaku, remains one of the longest running
radio science programs in the world. Heard weekly on Pacifica Radio and across
the globe, topics include bio-technology ethics, cosmos and physics,
environmental issues, and science's contributions to both war and peace.
Regular guests include Brian Greene, Ray Kurzweil, Lisa Randal, Neil deGrasse
Tyson, David Archer, and Peter Ward.

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