The Chronicles of the Key (USB Flash Drive)
The Chronicles of the Key (USB Flash Drive)
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The Enoch Chronicles with Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak
Interviews with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities from 1997 - 2017

Includes 24 Video Interviews:

1 - Introduction to the Keys:
This is the first program in the series with Alan Steinfeld and Dr,. JJ Hurtak
on The Keys of Enoch.

2 - ET Realities:
Dr. Hurtak's investigations in to the different races of ET present on the

3 - Acoustic Archeology:
Dr. Hurtak describes his findings of using sound to understand the ancient
structure of the pyramids.

4 - The Holographic Mind:
Dr. Hurtak discusses with Alan Steinfeld the deeper aspects of the Mind.

5 - Ancient Civilizations:

6 - The Hurtaks on Egypt:
Desiree and JJ Hurtak discuss their work in Egypt.

7 A Deeper investigation into ancient Egypt:

8 - The Prophecy of the Keys:
Dr. JJ Hurtak discuss with Alan Steinfeld the prophecy of the Keys. One of the
early programs.

9 - The Further Prophecies of the Keys:
As more revelations have come this is a another program discussing the Keys

10 - The Sacred 72 Names of God:
The Hurtak's giving forth the sacred names of the Divine.

11 - The Melchezadek Energies:
Alan Steinfeld and Dr. JJ Hurtak discuss what it is like to tap into the
Melchizedek energies. One of their most popular programs.

12 - Revisting the Keys:
Another look at the deep meaning of the Keys of Enoch.

13 - The Hurtaks on the Divine Feminine:
The Hurtaks talk about the presence of the Divine Mother.

14 - The 72 Sacred Names of the Feminine:
This program goes deeper in the aspect of the Divine Mother and the sacred
Feminine with Drs. Hurtak.

15 - Pista Sophia Revistied:
Desiree and JJ Hurtak discuss their translation of the Pista Sophia.

16 - ET Updates:
The Hurtaks give a further update on the ET/alien interactions with Earth.

17 - The Science of the Multi-verse:
The Hurtaks discuss the many world of the multi-verse.

18- 27 - The Future of Space with the Hurtaks:
The Hurtak talk about human destiny in space is the subject of this video.

19 - Ongoing Evolution and the Potential of Bio –Luminance:
The Hurtaks discuss the bio photonic possibility of human beings.

20 - The Future of Humanity: Dr. Hurtak speaks about the planetary situation
and the future of human civilization.

21- The Multi-Dimensional Human:

22 – Preview to 402: This is a recent discussion about Key 402, where the
Hurtaks give an overview of the new text.

23 – Gnosticism: A favorite yet little discussed topic of the Hurtaks is the
history of Gnosticism and its influence on western spirituality.

24- Summation of the Keys – Recorded in March of 2017 – gives an overview of
the plan to release the last ten keys.

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