The Lords Of Wealth: The Unseen Powers Behind America's Collapse -3 CD's
The Lords Of Wealth: The Unseen Powers Behind America's Collapse -3 CD's
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Gary Null's 3 CD set:

The Deep State refers to a “state operating within a state” that has an
immunity to a nation’s rule of law and the principles of democracy. For almost
five decades, our federal intelligence agencies have been charged for acting
contrary to the founding principles of the nation, operating as a rogue
institution without transparency or higher oversight. Following the events of
911, the US’s conflicts around the world have escalated. NATO increasingly is
an extension of the nation’s military might and our military industrial
complex has grown exponentially to police the planet under the banner of
democracy and freedom. Hypocritical to the rules of international law, today,
the Obama administration is now intervening in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, in
Syria, and Latin America in violation of international law and agreements. The
serious question is where will the US’s reprobate military and economic
policies lead the nation: to a more secure future or a world widely out of

This special and exclusive 3 CD collection presents in depth conversations
between international radio host Gary Null and some America’s most prominent
former insiders in the US’s intelligence and foreign service agencies.
Together they present the case for the Deep State undermining the health and
security of the nation

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