Edgar Cayce Remedies (Book)
Edgar Cayce Remedies (Book)
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What opens the door to disease in our body? What enables us to get well? Dr. William A. McGarey answers these questions and shows us the way to glowing good health.

Guided by the teachings of Edgar Cayce, Dr. McGarey has treated thousands in his Arizona clinic. He treats the human body not as a biochemical factory but as a whole entity in time and space, affected by our consciousness and the experiences of life, now and through many incarnations. Utilizing holistic concepts that use our minds creatively to bring health to our bodies, Dr. McGarey shows us a process of healing that includes special diets and herbs, the preparation and use of Cayce's famous castor oil packs, daily meditation and prayer, dreams in health and healing, effective healing massages, an exercise program, and treatments for specific illnesses, including psoriasis, colitis, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and many more: a Cayce pharmacopoeia.

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