Art & Survival in the Twenty-first Century -Book
Art & Survival in the Twenty-first Century -Book
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Art & Survival in the Twenty-first Century: A creative response to the challenges of our time through drawing, painting & sculpture
by James Menzel-Joseph

Celebrated, award-winning artist, master art teacher, philosopher, author, and
activist, James Menzel-Joseph, takes a profound look at the role creativity and art
plays in human healing and the evolution of consciousness. Featuring more than
200 exquisite photographs of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, numerous essays
and reflections, and art instruction, Menzel-Joseph’s Art & Survival is a beautifully
and expertly crafted appeal to each of us to urgently discover and act upon the artist within – the aspect directly
connected to our unique purpose for being here. Notes Menzel-Joseph, it is only through conscious, creative
expression that our species will rise above our “narrowly defined selves,” an identification that is destroying all life
as we know it on this planet, and awaken to the pure human potential that can save us from peril.

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