Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce- Book
Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce- Book
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Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce
by John Bellamy Foster with a foreword by Robert W. McChesney

Remember that metaphor about the frog that slowly cooks to death in the pot of
increasingly warm water? Leftists have used it for years to describe how people
can accept dwindling health care, fading job opportunities, eroding racial and
gender equality—as long as the loss occurs gradually. Now, with Donald Trump
having slouched off to Washington, most of the mainstream media are working
overtime to convince us that we can still stand the heat. Leave it to John
Bellamy Foster, one of the world’s outstanding radical scholars, to expose
Trump for who and what he is: a neo-fascist. Just at the boiling point, Foster
offers us cool logic to comprehend the system that created Trump’s moral and
political emergency—and to resist it.

In Trump in the White House, John Bellamy Foster does what no other Trump
analyst has done before: he places the president and his administration in full
historical context. Foster reveals that Trump is merely the endpoint of a
stagnating economic system whose liberal democratic sheen has begun to wear
thin. Beneath a veneer of democracy, we see the authoritarian rule that oversees
decreasing wages, anti-science and climate-change denialism, a dying public
education system, and expanding prisons and military—all powered by a phony
populism seething with centuries of racism that never went away.

But Foster refuses to end his book in despair. Inside his analysis is a clarion
call to fight back. Protests, popular demands, coalitions: everyone is needed.
Change can’t happen without radical, anti-capitalist politics, and Foster
demonstrates that—even now, with the waters ever warming—it may yet be
possible to stop the desecration of the Earth; to end endless war; to create
global solidarity with all oppressed people. Could a frog do that?

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