Marita: The Spy Who Loved Castro
Marita: The Spy Who Loved Castro
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Here is the dramatic, glamorous story of lover-turned-spy Marita Lorenz
and her affair with Fidel Castro, the basis for a major motion picture
starring Jennifer Lawrence.Few people can say they have seen some of the
most significant moments of the twentieth century unravel before their
eyes. Marita Lorenz is one of them.Born in Germany at the outbreak of
World War II, Marita was incarcerated in a Nazi concentration camp as a
child. In 1959, she traveled to Cuba where she met and fell in love with
Fidel Castro. Yet upon fleeing to America, she was recruited by the CIA
to assassinate Castro. Torn by love and loyalty, she couldn't bring
herself to slip him the lethal pills.Her life would take many more
twists and turns, including having a child with ex-dictator of Venezuela
Marcos Perez Jimenez, testifying about the John F. Kennedy
assassination, becoming a party girl with close ties to the New York
mafia, and then becoming a police informant.Caught up in Cold War
intrigue, espionage, and conspiracy, this is Marita's incredible
autobiography of a young woman who became a spy for the CIA.

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