America We Need to Talk - Book
America We Need to Talk - Book
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How did we get here, America? How did our relationship get so broken? And where
do we go now? Starting with the premise that Americans' most important
relationship is with their nation, Joel Berg’s second book, America We Need to
Talk: A Self-Help Book for the Nation, makes a case for how we must both stop
blaming the nation’s problems solely on “the politicians” or “the
system” and take personal responsibility to solve them. Written as both a
hilarious parody of relationship and self-help books and a deadly serious
analysis of the nation's political and economic dysfunction, the book dissects
how Donald Trump and other Republicans won over white, working-class voters, and
includes a concrete plan to win them back, and well as a broader roadmap for
reducing poverty, bolstering the middle class, and powering an overall
progressive resurgence.

As an acclaimed author, a frequent voice in the national media, and the
outspoken CEO of the nonprofit group Hunger Free America, Joel Berg is a
respected international leader in the fields of hunger, poverty, food, and US
politics. Through his biting critique, clear-headed prescriptions, and amusing
charts—this book shows how average Joes and Janes can channel their anger at
our hobbled government into concrete actions that will fix our democracy, make
our economy work for everyone, and restore our stature in the world as a beacon
of freedom, diversity, and hope. The American people are in it for the long
haul, and, as in all relationships, both sides must recognize their issues and
work together to fix them. This book will do more than offer comfort for sobbing
progressives—it will show the path to redemption.

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