The Writing Irish of New York
The Writing Irish of New York
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In the ten years following the Great Famine Irish flooded into New York at an
astonishing rate. By 1860 one in every four New Yorkers was Irish, and by the
1920s Irish-American authors like Eugene O’Neill and F. Scott Fitzgerald had
transformed the American literary landscape and lay the foundation for a century
that would put Irish writing at the forefront of American letters.

This series of essays by and about Irish-American writers traces that heritage
from it’s humble origins through the twentieth century. Editor Colin Broderick
provides background essays on Brendan Behan’s New York, Maeve Brennan’s
heartbreaking decent into madness, Frank McCourt’s rise from school teacher to
literary phenomenon, and 23 of today’s top Irish-American authors—including
Colum McCann, Peter Quinn, Luanne Rice and Maura Mulligan—provide personal
accounts of how they found their voices in the Big Apple. Taken together, the
stories provide a vivid portrait of a community of authors who continue to fight
for Ireland’s place at the top of literary canon.

There is a fine green thread that binds them all. These are The Writing Irish of
New York.

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