The Tribalization of Politics - Book
The Tribalization of Politics - Book
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“How did we get here?” is one of the essential questions right now in American politics. How did we go from a country that elected Barack Obama twice to one that, popular vote loss aside, elected Donald Trump? Two words: Rush Limbaugh. The Tribalization of Politics explores how the conservative radio host “tribalized” our politics through his racially divisive, falsehood-ridden portrayal of President Obama. During Obama’s eight years in office, Limbaugh repeatedly used a technique called “racial priming” against America’s first black president―language designed to heighten white racial or cultural resentment. Limbaugh’s aim was to convince his audience that Obama was anti-white, anti-American, radical, Marxist, black nationalist, among other labels. This divisive rhetoric was designed to cleave America in two, creating a conservative “tribe” animated by passionate racial and cultural hatred toward the opposing (liberal) tribe. By playing and preying on white anxiety, Limbaugh laid the groundwork for the election of Donald Trump, who essentially adopted his view of the Obama presidency.

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