Malcolm X Pacifica Radio Archives 6 CD Set
Malcolm X  Pacifica Radio Archives 6 CD Set
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This 6 CD set includes:

CD 1: Malcolm X delivers one of his best known speeches, The Ballot or the Bullet, in Detroit on April 12, 1964.

CD 2: Black Muslims vs. The Sit-Ins: Malcolm X, James Baldwin and Leverne McCummins discuss the position of the Black Muslims. Recorded in 1961.

CDs 3 & 4: January 7, 1965: Malcolm speaking at Militant Labor Forum, giving a talk that became known as Prospects for Freedom in 1965. He discusses the need for black action for civil rights. Recorded just 5 weeks before his assassination.

CD 5: At a Harlem rally, Malcolm X supports Fannie Lou Hamer, head of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, and discusses the treatment the party was afforded at the 1964 DNC in Atlantic City. December 20, 1964.

CD 6: John Henrik Clarke on Malcolm X: John Henrik Clarke, history professor and friend of Malcolm X, speaks on Malcolm’s contribution to the black struggle in America; Speech (now known as The Last Message) delivered by Malcolm one week before he was assassinated in February 1965.

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