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Golden Age Jean Shepherd Fall 1974
Golden Age Jean Shepherd Fall 1974
Contribution: $100.00

Product Code: OC0653-S2018

51 45-minute programs on 1 DVD

For the first time we are offering a DVD of Jean Shepherd mp3 programs for a $100 pledge. This way we can bring you all the shows from this source from the first one recorded until the final broadcast of the year on Dec 31, 1974.  

These shows were recorded for a Chicago OTR collector who heard Shep while visiting New York and loved him, so he had a friend tape the show every day to send to him. They recorded nearly every show until the end of the run on April 01, 1977. This will be the first of many sets from this collector.

Some sound quality notes – some of the earliest shows are in less than stellar sound quality. It improves as the series progresses. These shows were recorded from AM radio, and the taper started to record the date of the broadcast at the top of each show.

 74-09-(9-12) Crime & Sin-Nixon Pardon, Evel Knievel    
 74-09-13 Driver's License (hvy proc)         
 74-09-16 Winchester House (hvy proc)    
 74-09-17 Follow the Drunk                                               
 74-09-pre14 Hellbound Train, Casey at the Bat  
 74-09-xx Future Folk Music-Commercials              
 74-09-xx Hobbies, Five Dollar Cigarettes sound mediocre) 
 74-09-xx Shep Reads the Funnies (first few mins missing)

74-10-10 Robert Service Poems 74-10-11 Kerosene Lamp, Baseball Fans 74-10-14 Elsa the Lion and Lassie's Airplane 74-10-15 Letter from the Lord - Junk Mail 74-10-17 Lead Quarters 74-10-18 Hadacol, Pop Icons of the Past 74-10-1x Philosophy - Are You Going to Hell 74-10-22 Laying Wire From the Air 74-10-23 Football Game 74-10-24 Harold Dill, Bully 74-10-25 Junk Mail 74-10-28 Mugging of Moog 74-10-29 Anniversary of Stock Market Crash 1929 74-10-30 Phrenology 74-10-31 University Food

74-11-04 Wide Open Town-Big Al-election eve - compl in 40m 74-11-18 The Poetic GI 74-11-19 Alaska 74-11-20 Contemporary Conventions 74-11-21 John Gambling Dies-Radio Pioneers (speed probs-no end) 74-11-22 Herd of Turkeys 74-11-25 Trains & Railroads 74-11-26 Ade-The Learned Phrenologist 74-11-27 Thanksgiving Eve - Army Story 74-11-28 Traditional Football 74-11-29 Hippopotamus & Bones
74-12-03 Cave Man Exhibit 74-12-04 Erector Set 74-12-05 Cosmic Photographer 74-12-06 The Perfect Gift-Salami 74-12-12 Time 1930 vs 1974 74-12-13 Dissimilar Metal Rectification 74-12-16 Escape From Reality 74-12-17 Glee Club pt 1 74-12-18 Glee Club Pt 2 74-12-20 Office Party 74-12-23 Pipe for Christmas 74-12-24 Red Ryder 74-12-25 Service 74-12-26 Present Day (retrospective) 74-12-27 J Benny Tribute 74-12-30 Search for Tradition 74-12-31 New Year's Eve and Grandma

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