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A Jordan Journal Tribute to Afro-Puerto Ricans
A Jordan Journal Tribute to Afro-Puerto Ricans
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To coincide with Black heritage month and last year’s designation of the next
decade as the “International Decade for People of African Descent”, by the
United Nations The Jordan Journal offers as a premium a special Tribute to
Afro-Puerto Rican heritage encompassing a decade of programs of interviews with
Afro-Puerto Ricans legends. A special 15 interviews with the Afro-Boricuas that
have led the struggle for racial justice in and out of African communities
including interviews with

Marta Moreno Vega on her book When the Spirits Dance Mambo. She is also author
of The Altar of My Soul: The Living Traditions of Santeria.? She is founder of
the? Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute.

Juan Flores- A short compendium of seven hours of interviews with Flores

Miriam Jimenez the first interview on the book The Afro-Latino Reader: History
and Culture in the United States?

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva A self-described "Blican" (Black Puerto Rican) and Chair
of the Sociology department at Duke University.

Tanya Hernandez Fordham University Law Professor discusses her book Racial
Subordination in Latin America: The Role of the State, Customary Law, and the
New Civil Rights Response

Rosa Clemente an Afro-Puerto Rican community organizer, journalist, and Hip Hop
activist and ran as the Green Party's Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008.

Piri Thomas- author of 60's classic? DownThese Mean Streets

Johanna Fernandez - Baruch Professor Johanna Fernandez on her suit against the
NYPD to force them to release the s surveillance files on The Young Lords

Rev. Sam Cruz, Senior Pastor of the Trinity Lutheran? Church in the Heart of
Sunset Park and the "racist" practices of the Lutheran Church highlighted in the
NY Times.

Richie Torres the first openly gay and Afro-boricua candidate to be elected to?
the City Council.

Ramon Jimenez - the Harvard trained Afro-boricua lawyer, former Attorney General
candidate for the Freedom Party, and founder of the South Bronx Community

Orlando Rivera founder and? CEO of the firm of Development Assistance &
Management Partners(D.A.M.P) addresses gentrification in communities of color
like Harlem and Brooklyn.? Mr. Rivera is? also former President of the Latino
Yale Alumni Association

A look at the legendary Roberto Clemente- David Maranis? and Julio Pabon of
Retire 21 discuss Maranis's book about Afro-boricua champion entitled? Clemente:
The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero

Dr. Georgina Falu Georgina Falu a Black and Puerto Rican scholar, educator,
entrepreneur, historian, activist

Lori Robinson (African American founder of Vida AfroLatina and Ryan Mann
Hamilton of the AfroLatin@forum

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