Laughter From The Left -CD
Laughter From The Left -CD
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In 2010, the Pacifica Radio Archives decided to incorporate humor as an official
subject into our two-day national broadcast and fundraiser. Special project
producers Haunani Singer and Curtis Metcalf combed the vault and they came up
with some wonderful examples of humor in the progressive movement. Some of the
names you might expect like superstar comedians like Lily Tomlin, George Carlin
and Groucho Marx. But we also included people who may not have mad a living in
the field of comedy, but were humorists just the same… names like Molly
Ivins, Mort Sahl, Studs Terkel, Quentin Crisp, Jessica Mitford, Kate Clinton and
John Lennon. Naturally, though, we begin this show with perhaps
Pacifica’s most famous alumnus, Richard Pryor, who lent his voice to
KPFA’s fund drive in the summer of 1971.

From the Vault is presented through the Pacifica Radio Archives Preservation and
Access Project, funded in part by an award from the National Endowment for the
Arts, past grants from the Grammy Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the
American Archive funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, along with
the generous support of Pacifica Radio Listeners.

MP3 disc / 8 hrs 46 min

1. Lenny Bruce: A Profile
Examples of the comedian’s efforts to break down cultural taboos are woven
together in this 1963 documentary prtation cost: $3.00 per discoduced by Albert
Goldman. (47 minutes, from BB0382)

2. An Interview with George Carlin
Larry Bensky speaks with Carlin about his book Brain Droppings on June 4, 1997.
(59 minutes, from PZ0315.46)

3. Richard Pryor on Attica
A compilation of Pryor’s poetry and comments made during the Attica prison
rebellion. (51 minutes, from BC1030)

4. The Search
Comedian Lily Tomlin and her writing partner Jane Wagner discuss The Search for
Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe – a film adaptation of Tomlin’s
stage show – in this 1991 interview with Marcia Caldwell. (59 minutes, from

5. From the Vault: Molly Ivins
A special tribute to Molly Ivins, syndicated columnist and best-selling author,
whose unique brand of humor brought warmth to the political landscape. (59
minutes, from PZ0673.047)

6. Giants of Comedy Special
Richard Pryor, Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Paul Krassner, Lily Tomlin, Kate
Clinton, Molly Ivins, Quentin Crisp, Jessica Mitlford, and Studs Terkel. (51
minutes, from PZ0824)

7. George Carlin on Radio Nation with Marc Cooper
A smart, intimate 2001 interview that Carlin himself describes as one of his
best ever. (59 minutes, from KZ4392)

8. From the Vault 098: Comedy
Classic Pacifica Radio recordings of Groucho Marx, Carl Reiner, Pat Paulson,
Steve Allen, Cecil Smith, Robert Young, and others. (59 minutes, from

9. Monty Python Interview
Larry Josephson invites Monty Python and the Flying Circus into WBAI studios for
an off-the-wall session. (45 minutes, from IZ0517)

10. Survival Sunday II (featuring Robin Williams)

11. The David Friedman Show featuring Robin Williams

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