30 Years of ACT UP/NY: Hidden Histories and Voices, Lessons Learned-CD
30 Years of ACT UP/NY: Hidden Histories and Voices, Lessons Learned-CD
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On June 18th, 2017, ACT UP/NY, the direct-action activist group which helped revolutionize the drug approval process, held a conference that explored some of its other important contributions to fighting AIDS. They include the struggle to change the definition of AIDS to include diseases that women were much more likely to get. The campaigns for needle exchange dramatically reduced the HIV infection rate among drug users. ACT-UP's campaign for safer sex education for youth helped young people to confront educational administrators about their neglect of students' needs. These earlier campaigns continue today to influence the fight for prevention and treatment of HIV infection. The role of Latinos and people of color has been ignored in many treatments of ACT UP’s work, but are included in the presentations. One of ACT UP’s projects with the most impact was the struggle to make AIDS drugs available to Africa and the developing world, as a result 18 million people are in treatment that would have otherwise died. There are 7 hours of presentations by more than 30 people who were leaders in the fight against AIDS over the course of the last 30 years. This mp3 audio CD brings to light aspects of ACT UP's achievements the corporate media has not covered. It inspires the ongoing struggle for a just health-care system. With Donald Trump in the White House, the lessons of the AIDS movement can help us build the kind of tactics and strategies that can help make social change.

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