The HUAC Collection MP3 Disc
The HUAC Collection MP3 Disc
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The HUAC Collection MP3 Disc
1 MP3 Disc / 8 hours 16 minutes

*Joe, HUAC, and Me / William Mandel
Actuality and analysis of William Mandel’s testimony before Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1953, and before the
House Un-American Activities Committee in 1960 (69 minutes)

*Brecht Before HUAC
Actuality of Bertolt Brecht's testimony before the House Committee on
Un-American Activities in 1947. (53 minutes)

*What Happens to a Democratic Society When Fear is Rampant / John Henry Faulk. John Henry Faulk presents his personal experience with Blacklisting and the radio industry in this recording from 1969. (56 minutes)

*Brecht in Hollywood
This 1963 biography of Bertolt Brecht’s life from 1941-1947 includes
statements by British actors Elsa Lanchester and
John Houseman, plus actuality of Brecht's testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. (115 minutes)

*Are You Now or Have You Ever Been by Eric Bentley
A dramatic 1970’s reading of British-born American playwright Eric Bentley's play about the House Un-American Activities Committee, which includes American screenwriter Lilllian Hellman reading her letter to the HUAC. (144 minutes)

*From the Vault: Dalton Trumbo
Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo sits for a 1971 interview with Pacifica’s Larry Bensky to discuss the film adaptation of his 1939 anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun, the Attica Prison Uprising, and McCarthyism. (59 minutes)

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