The Malcolm X Collection MP3 CD
The Malcolm X Collection MP3 CD
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The Malcolm X Collection is culled from rare speeches, interviews, and debates
held within the vault of the Pacifica Radio Archives. Following his death in
1965, Pacifica Radio continued to memorialize Malcolm X through the discussions
and interpretations of his close friends and colleagues, and documentaries that
examine Malcolm X’s historical significance in America.

1. The Ballot or the Bullet
Malcolm X deliver one of his best known speeches in Detroit on April 12th,

2. Black Muslims vs. The Sit-ins
Malcolm X, James Baldwin, and Leverne McCummins discuss the position of the
Black Muslims. Recorded in 1961.

3. Prospects for Freedom
On January 7th, 1965, Malcolm X addressed the Militant Labor Forum, discussing
the need for Black action on civil rights.

4. Friends and Enemies
Malcolm X spoke on February 15, 1965 – the day after his house was

5. Malcolm X in Atlantic City
On December 20, 1964, Malcolm reflected on the treatment given Mississippi
Freedom Democratic Party in Atlantic City earlier that year.

6. John Henrik Clarke on Malcolm X
John Henrik Clarke, history professor and friend of Malcolm X, speaks on
Malcolm’s contribution to the black struggle in the U.S.

7. A Choice of Two Roads
Malcolm X, Bayard Rustin, and John Donald discuss the direction of the civil
rights movement.

8. Dick Elman Interviews Malcolm X
Malcolm X details the events which lead to an unprovoked assault upon a Los
Angeles mosque in 1961

9. Malcolm X: A Retrospective
A documentary on the life of Malcolm X.

10. About Malcolm X
James Baldwin, Maggie Hathaway, Ernie Smith, and Earl Anthony on Malcolm X in
May, 1968.

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