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Bernadette - Notes On A Political Journey

<br><br>Bernadette - Notes On A Political Journey
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This stirring documentary highlights an iconic figure from the Troubles

THE YEARS creak by on arthritic joints. Pop stars begin dying of old age. The mini-revolutions of the 1960s – once unimaginably current – get kicked back into the miasma of modern history.

Here’s Bernadette Devlin McAliskey: angular accent, acerbic asides and unreconstructed radicalism all still stubbornly in place. Had Lelia Doolan unleashed this gripping documentary 10 years ago, the pocket firebrand would still (just about) have come across as a figure from current affairs. Now, like Germaine Greer, Tariq Ali and Angela Davis, McAliskey has become the sort of creature who requires a walking series of explanatory footnotes. More than a few viewers will need to be told who the woman is.

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