Power to the People!- 8 DVD's
Power to the People!- 8 DVD's
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Fifty years ago, in October of 1966, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale created a
radical political party at the forefront of revolutionary change—the Black
Panther Party for Self Defense. Now, on the 50th anniversary of its founding ,
the film anthology Power to the People provides a contemporary view of the Party
and its aims to serve oppressed people, fight injustice and empower We The

This 8 DVD film collection begins by examining the inspiration of and movement
built by Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association on the Party,
it uncovers the history of the Black Panther Party—a history that is often
misunderstood. The Charismatic Panthers—both men and women—created programs
to benefit the people, stood up against state repression and war and fought
against institutional racism, and earned the admiration of other struggling
communities in the US and across the globe. first-person accounts from former
Panthers, scholars, and community members show how the Party continues to
influence culture and activism locally, nationally, and internationally.

This Power to the People film anthology, which includes the contributions of
Assata Shakur, Kathleen Cleaver and numerous other Panther activists today
recounts the goals and aspirations, the anti-colonialist work and daily
experience of this extraordinarily important movement that set out to
drastically transform American society. The cinema graphic power of respective
films, including the agitprop, jazz opera by the late, brilliant saxophonist,
composer Fred Ho that tells the story of and celebrates the militant expression
of African-American leadership will enable us to reflect more deeply about the
Black Panther Party and its place in our shared history and contribute to our
institution building today. This collection Builds Bridges, so we can build

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