Robber Barons: Race and Class Inequality, 4 DVD set
Robber Barons: Race and Class Inequality, 4 DVD set
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Amidst a plethora of social problems we are facing: poverty, hunger, enormous prison populations, the corporate dominance of our political process, and, perhaps, the most absurd injustice of all—a system of higher education that leads to indentured servitude through debt rather than freedom through attainment of knowledge we follow the money to figure out who controls it and how to free ourselves. Robber Barons, race and class inequality in America offers a thought provoking, in-depth exploration into how the growing concentration of wealth and power in America amongst a small elite is shaping our lives. Amongst other scholar/activists Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Jelani Cobb, Michelle Alexander, Bryan Stevenson, Darrick Hamilton, Tom Shapiro, Black Lives Matters organizers talk about the complex relationship between race and class that is tightly interwoven with economics into the fabric of society and painstakingly shed light on a universal cause for the gross disparities inherent to our culture. They drill down into the basis of virtually all inequality and the quintessential principle behind social predetermination. They examine the growing wealth divide and what it reveals about the nation’s history and its control over dissenters and those people most affected by bias and inequality .

How has the one percent’s American dream become the ninety-nine percent’s nightmare?

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