Hijacking Humanity - 2 DVD Set
Hijacking Humanity - 2 DVD Set
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From the back-cover of the DVD: “Our entire system- every external aspect of our lives that we plug into- Government, Law, Money, and Energy are demonstrably and fundamentally controlled and manipulated by a handful of very rich families and their lieutenants- the ones we are taught to believe, are our “leaders”; for their collective benefit, and at the expense of the people. This debut documentary film from Award-Winning Canadian filmmaker Paul Verge, aims to expose the systems of ignorance-based control that have manipulated humanity’s thoughts, actions, and beliefs, for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. There’s an awakening happening across humanity. Do you want to stay asleep, or open your mind to the truth?”

This interview also includes solutions, documents, and references; asking only that you consider the information – THINK FOR YOURSELF – and communicate with others in order to share a higher-level of awareness, thus protecting ourselves from financial predators. This presentation is offered as a public service of the subscribers of the Tragedy and Hope online community, which is an international research and study group, composed of individuals who have screened our productions, and seek to take the next-steps in enacting strategic solutions.

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