Too White to be Black, too Black to be White - DVD
Too White to be Black, too Black to be White - DVD
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If the “Melting Pot” theory ever existed in America, it happened in New
Orleans. This presentation examines a group of marginalized mixed-race
Americans who are phenotypically both multicultural and multi-ethnic. This
documentary is the first authentic treatment of a group of Americans who proudly
identify themselves as “Creoles.” It provides first-hand accounts of their
experiences in New Orleans. After reconstruction the Supreme Court decision,
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), divided America into two worlds: one White and one
disenfranchised Black. The Creole stories they tell in this documentary speak
to the social history of the United States where the fruits of the American
Dream were rewarded to those with European features, light skin and “good
hair.” Often survival mean giving up one’s “gen de couleur” (colored
people) identity to assimilate into White America. The process of “becoming a
productive American” has been fraught with both refection and racism for
Creoles of color. This is their story.

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