David Getoff – Eating For Optimal Health In A Time Of Crisis Pack - 7 Disc Pack
David Getoff – Eating For Optimal Health In A Time Of Crisis Pack - 7 Disc Pack
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Product Code: OE0079-SU20

You will get all of these items in this powerful 7 Disc package! Eating For Optimal Health in the 21st Century – a FOUR hour video in a 3 disc set (2 DVD’s + 1 CD) Encompasses all of the information which David Getoff covers during the Healthy Eating portion of his 10 week course. It also includes a few inserted video clips on very important health topics like sugar and Aspartame.
PLUS Diabetes (1 DVD + 1 CD) David Getoff offers the strategies he uses in his practice when treating diabetes. He discusses the problems, goes over the misconceptions, gives you the real information and makes it easy to understand. The enclosed CD allows you to print out all of the suggested supplements as well as the doses that David recommends in his office.
PLUS Turning Back the Clock: Grow Younger and feel Better As You Age (1 DVD + 1 CD) - This DVD will teach you the exact supplements that David uses in his private practice to help Turn Back the Clock.
ABOUT DAVID GETOFF: David Getoff is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CTN & CCN) an internationally recognized expert in nutrition, diet, the use of nutritional supplements and detoxification.

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