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Pong iPad Mini Case in Black

<br><br>Pong iPad Mini Case in Black<br><br>
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Product Code: OM0071

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Big Pong protection for your iPad Mini. Reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, while improving your Wi-Fi reception & maximizing your 4G performance.

Reduces your exposure to cellular radiation by up to 91% below the international safety limit.

Boosts 4G signal strength by up to 13.2X compared to any other case.

Extends LTE range by up to 3.6X compared to any other case.

Accelerates upload speeds by up to 5X compared to any other case.

Reduces your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation by up to 82%.

Enhances Wi-Fi reception by up to 2.2X.

Extends Wi-Fi range by up to 1.5X.

Did you know that, in order to comply with the FCC’s wireless radiation exposure safety limits, Apple® engineered the iPad Mini to contain a human body sensor that limits the iPad’s® cellular antenna power whenever it gets close to the body? But, because the sensor can’t tell a body from any other solid, all cases also trigger the sensor. This results in reduced 4G signal and slower upload speeds.

The Pong I-Pad Mini case gives you more power, extended range and faster data transfer versus any other case. AND embedded within the Pong iPad Mini case is an ultra-thin flexible printed circuit board (fPCB) antenna that reduces your exposure to potentially harmful radiation, by redistributing and diffusing the wireless radiation from the iPad’s cellular and Wi-Fi antennas. This patented technology has the added benefits of improved Wi-Fi reception, which allows you to stay connected further from your router. This case works with all versions of the iPad Mini: Wi-Fi only (model A1432) and Wi-Fi + Cellular (models A1454 & A1455).

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