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Heart Of Mind Historical Document Collection on Flash Drive
Heart Of Mind Historical Document Collection on Flash Drive
Contribution: $150.00

Product Code: OM249

This 2015 collection is a virtual library with approximately 100 PDF books,
articles and papers which include: The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of the
Immortality of the Soul; multiple volumes of the Ancient Records of Egypt
published between 1903 and 1906; A historical map of Africa; Osiris & The
Egyptian Resurrection volumes one and two published 1911 with a combined 920
pages; three volumes of KUSH the Journal of the Sudan Antiquities Services from
1956, 1957 and 1958; The Corpus Hermeticam of the Thrice-Greatest Hermes. And
Esoteric Material such as Theurgia or The Egyptian Mysteries by Iamblichus The
Gnostics and Their Remains published in 1887, The Divine Indwelling published in
1897; all-5 books of The Law Of One and the public domain version of A Course In
Miracles at a whopping 1,754 pages, The Golden Verses of Pythagoras and early
Christian texts such as The Nag Hamadi Library Gospel of Thomas and texts from
the Ante Nicene Christian Library which features writings excised and banned as
heresy. Plus esoteric books on Hindu and Vedic Culture, Bantu Philosophy, Voodo,
Zen teachings and much, much more.

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