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A zapper is a personal bio-electric device that is worn against the skin to
destroy parasites and promote health. It's powered by a 9-volt battery and
operates on 15Hz (frequency).

How and Why It Works

On a regular basis, newspaper headlines include the findings of major medical
studies where yet another parasitic virus has been found to cause yet another
disease. What is interesting about these findings is that many different people
were making these same connections back in the 1950′s. What researchers have
discovered, and by very different paths, is that weak electric current
eliminates viruses and other parasitic organisms. Once these parasites are
eliminated, the body’s healing power can be fully unleashed, restoring vibrant
health within an amazingly short period of time. Croft had confirmed through his
own personal research:
A healed atmosphere is like a healed body

A healed atmosphere is like a healed body: A Sylph over the now-green Kalahari
Desert, photographed by a pilot friend of ours

All people suffer from parasites of one type or another during their
Parasites are positively charged. Unhealthy tissue is also positively
The introduction of very weak electric current (via the Zapper) perhaps
destroys parasites by reversing the polarity of the static field in which they
thrive. A flood of free electrons, in this case, encourage diseased tissue to
heal — healthy tissue is negatively charged, which is to say that there’s an
overabundance of free electrons in and around it.
Parasites cannot defend their positive polarity (deficit of free electrons)
against the introduction of simple direct current and they die very quickly when
the static field of their environment (blood, lymph, mucus, cerebrospinal fluid,
interior of eye, etc.) is negative-charged.
An environment that has an abundance of free electrons will repel parasites
whether electric current, magnets, or orgone generate this state.
Parasites not only die when subjected to electricity, but also apparently
disintegrate and are easily assimilated as harmless nutrients or eliminated.

Inestinal worms, killed by a basic zapper in a few minutes

Intestinal worms, killed by a basic zapper in a few minutes in 1997 during a
colonic irrigation
Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts and parasites with
exoskeletons (like hookworms in the peripheral tissues), may take longer to
destroy, but by zapping you may begin to clear the blood and lymphatic fluids,
major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach lining, brain and central nervous
system of parasites which will give your immune system a tremendous and nearly
immediate boost.
When parasites come out of cysts and other protected areas, the surprise
they encounter will be quite unpleasant. Parasites that live within cysts and
other protective containment will die when their lifespan has ended. Viruses
only live three weeks, for instance, and bacteria don’t live much longer so if
they’re destroyed before they can replicate one may get rid of the problem in
a fairly short time with zapping. All of this is speculation based on simple
observation, since nobody has done extended research, yet. Thorough research is
costly, so only funded labs do it. We can probably assume that the
medical/pharmaceutical cartel arranges the funding for medical research and
zappers directly threaten this syndicate.

All of this refers to the function of the simple zapper circuit, which is built
around a 555 integrated circuit, configured in our case to produce 4.5
thousandths of an amp at approximately 15 cycles per second. 4.5 millionths of
an amp reach through the skin by the process of simple capacitance and
instantly distribute throughout all of the body’s fluids, producing a vital
static field in which pathogenic organisms soon die, as the disintegrated worms
in the illustration clearly show.

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