Zapper Pack - In Other News
Zapper Pack - In Other News
Contribution: $200.00

Product Code: OM3342-S17

The Zapper Pack includes - one piece of orgonite and a zapper.

The orgonite is a cupcake sized item made from resin, aluminum shavings and
quartz crystals. This is being offered in the context of something that I
experimented with this past year. Early last year I placed a piece of orgonite
right below the electric meter to my apartment. I didn't place in or on the
meter itself, and I don't recommend that. I placed it about 12 inches near it. I
did this because somewhere on the ethericwarriors.com forum I read that you
could lower your electric bill by placing orgonite right near it. I thought, ok,
its worth trying and if nothing else to at least experiment with it and the post
results to the forum.

Well, I actually forgot I put it there by the meter and about a month ago I was
looking at my annual electric bill and remembered the orgonite. I decided to
compare 2016 with 2015, because you can simply do that online and although I
used more electricity in 2016 than 2015, the 2016 energy total for the year was
nearly 700.00 less than 2015. 691.00 to be precise.

I would like you to join in on this experiment and at the same time support WBAI
and In Other News, and importantly participate in the freedom to experiment
without condemnation. There's been way too much worshiping at the church of
settled science. Science is great, and extremely important but when it comes to
studying and experimenting with free energy concepts such as cold fusion or room
temperature fusion, the freedom to continue to experiment and log results must
be allowed.

A zapper is a personal bio-electric device that is worn against the skin to
destroy parasites and promote health. It's powered by a 9-volt battery and
operates on 15Hz (frequency).

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