Get Your Life Right Coaching Session with Meika Joseph
Get Your Life Right Coaching Session with Meika Joseph
Contribution: $50.00

Product Code: OM3356-SU18

Do you want to live a life of ease and joy?

Do you want to manifest wealth, abundance, success, friendship, and or romantic

Have you been trying your hardest yet you still have not achieved what you

It is time to invest to manifest!

It is time to get your life right!

During your 30-minute coaching call will Mieka Joseph, you will discover the
unconscious commitment that is blocking your desires from manifesting. Mieka
Joseph will help you figure out what childhood experience caused you to create a
limiting belief which is now blocking you. She will also begin to help you to
unwind that unconscious belief through her 10-pillar process which includes the
tenets of responsibility, commitment, and forgiveness, among others.

You will receive all of this for just a $50 donation to your favorite peace and
justice radio station.

About Life Coach Meika Joseph

Meika Joseph has been a professional and personal performance coach for over 10

During that time, She has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to
successfully break through otherwise impenetrable barriers in their professional
and personal lives.

Her experience includes years of both training and coaching individuals in an
internationally renowned leadership program, as well as in private practice
where she works with clients that range from entrepreneurs to CEOs.

Her coaching provides an access for inherently powerful people to experience
themselves as unstoppable. She offers the tools and perspectives that help
people uncover their unseen blocks and achieve unprecedented results they
didn’t think were possible.

She continues to have a profound commitment that all of humanity experience the
freedom, power, and clarity to be successful and fulfilled in their lives. And,
she continues to revel in the ripple effect that has on their families, their
work lives, and their communities.

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