Etheric Warrior Pack
Etheric Warrior Pack
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Harmonic Protector - The Harmonic Protector© acts as an ‘energetic mirror.’
It reinforces your body’s natural energy field (aura), while also helping you
cope with energy overload and stress. The gemstones in the pendant were chosen
to enhance the body’s own etheric (auric) field. Along with the titanium in
the resin/metal mix the strengthened etheric field acts to shield against strong
electromagnetic fields and debilitating frequencies.

The Harmonic Protector© enhances mental and emotional clarity, awareness, a
sense of well-being, restful sleep and dream clarity, though of course these are
all effects of healing and strengthening the etheric field.

Lydiane's succor punches are made with high quality crystals and come with the
LP zapper circuitry, which is a low consumption 15hz frequency generator.

The SP is made of quartz and a mobius coil. This special coil powered with
electrical current activates the crystal. The Succor punch amplifies intent ,
and can be used for spiritual protection, remote or personal energy healing.
This unit also facilitates meditation and tends to help develop psychic

The Succor Punch is built according to Don Croft's original specifications.

The frequency generator is the most advanced and developed 15hz psionic driver
on the market. Unlike any other models, this frequency generator will function
up to 6 months with the same batteries. Works with 2 standard AA batteries

The Succor Punch is an orgone energy generating instrument, though it operates
on different principles than our other orgonite based orgone generator
The latter are specific orgonite configurations whose work is based on shape,
size and the addition of other components. The SP is far more interactive.

Although a protective energy field is generated automatically , the size and
strength of which is determined by the crystal, conscious direction of the
energy sends a beam of pulsating, concentrated orgone to any entity in
existence. Those of us who are aligned with the force of life are envigorated
it, those who are aligned with the forces of decay and exploitation are made to
feel intensely uncomfortable by that beam, since it forces them to rise in
consciousness to the place you and I are.

Our intention and hope in making this available to you is that enough will get
into the hands of effective people that the alleged powers that be will be in a
constant bath of this healing energy, thereby creating an environment for them
in which their fondest wishes of genocide and exploitation may not be realized.

The succor punch will actually amplify your intentions and visualization.

Applications include:

- Psychic Self Defense
- Manifestation
- Blocks electronic surveillance and/or remote-viewing
- Problem solving

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