Lawyers For the Left - Panel Discussion and Book Signing
Lawyers For the Left - Panel Discussion and Book Signing
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“Challenges facing the left and it’s lawyers”

A panel discussion to launch Michael Steven Smith‘s new book “Lawyers for the Left: In the courts, In the Streets, and on the Air”:

On 3pm, Sunday afternoon, March 31, at NYU School of Law -
Lipton Hall 33 Washington Square W, New York, NY 10011
Your name will be at the door.

The panel features:
1. Chairwoman: Heidi Boghosian, cohost with Michael Smith of the WBAI and nationally broadcast radio show “ Law And Disorder” and author of “Spying on Democracy.“ She is the executive director of the A. J. Muste Institute and previously the executive director of the National Lawyers Guild.
2. Michael Steven Smith, co-host of Law And Disorder Radio, and former board member of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
3. Glen Ford, executive director of “Black Agenda Report”.
4. Attorney Chesa Boudin, is a writer and lecturer specializing in the US criminal justice system and a candidate in the 2019 election for San Francisco Disrict Attorney.
5. Attorney Mara Verheyden-Hilliard is the cofounder and executive director of the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund which is a non-for profit progressive legal organization based in Washington DC.

LAWYERS FOR THE LEFT: In the Courts, In the Streets and On the Air
A man walks into a bar, orders a drink and says to the bartender “You know, all lawyers are assholes.” Another man, sitting at the bar, overhears him and shouts “I take exceptions to that!” “Why?” asks the first man, “Are you a lawyer?” “No” says the second man “I’m an asshole.”

Lawyers generally get a bad rap. In a recent survey only 18% of the public thought they had high ethical standards, placing them near the bottom of the table, just below TV reporters.

Not all lawyers deserve this reputation. In this lively, accessible new book Michael Smith profiles a range of lawyers who, as radicals and socialists, devoted their careers to representing victims of injustice rather than the rich and the privileged. Their clients included Martin Luther King and Angela Davis, the prisoners in the infamous massacre at Attica, people who suffered torture, police abuse, mass arrests, and segregation. Their stories are inspiring and often moving. They may even begin to give lawyers a good name.

Lawyers profiled include: Leonard Boudin, Haywood Burns, Ramsey Clark, Rhonda Copelon, Bill Goodman, Abdeen Jabara, Conrad Lynn, William Kunstler, Jim Lafferty, Holly Maguigan, Michael Ratner, Bill Schaap, Lynne Stewart, Jan Susler, Michael Tigar, Leonard Weinglass, Peter Weiss, Mel Wulf, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, and Victor Rabinowitz.

“An informative and inspirational insight into the minds and spirits of some of the most incredible servants of the people ever produced in this country.” —Ajamu Baraka, Green Party vice-presidential candidate.

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