Money and ClassPack - Book + CD
Money and ClassPack - Book + CD
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Law and Disorder Archives - 2016-2018
Three years of Law and Disorder archives on mp3 discs.

Law and Disorder is a weekly, independent radio program airing on many stations
across the United States and podcasting on the web. Law and Disorder radio
gives listeners access to rare legal perspectives on issues concerning civil
liberties, privacy, right to dissent and the horrendous practices of torture
exercised by the US government. This program examines the political forces and
legislation that are moving the United States into a police state.


Money and Class in America by Lewis Lapham
Extensively expanded and revised, with a new foreword by Thomas Frank

In the United States, happiness and wealth are often regarded as synonymous.
Consumerism, greed, and the insatiable desire for more are American obsessions.
In the native tradition of Twain, Veblen, and Mencken, the editor of Lapham's
Quarterly here examines our fascination with the ubiquitous green goddess.

Focusing on the wealthy sybarites of New York City, whom Lewis H. Lapham has
been able to observe firsthand in their natural habitat, Money and Class in
America is a caustic, and often hilarious, portrait of a segment of the American
population who, in the thirty years since the book was originally written, have
become only further removed―both in terms of wealth and social
awareness―from everyone else.

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