Native Americans- The Fight for Our Land 6 DVDs, 1 Audiobook, 2 CDs
Native Americans- The Fight for Our Land 6 DVDs, 1 Audiobook, 2 CDs
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Reel Injun, the film: debunking Hollywood's depiction of Native Americans and Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond’s sets the record straight, examining how the myth of the movie "Injun" has influenced the world's understanding and misunderstanding of indigenous people (DVD).

All the Real Indians Died Of and Other Myths About Native Americans: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilo Whitaker in this video/discussion of their new book which deconstructs myths about American Indians that have taken hold in the U.S and how they developed as a way to justify settler colonialism. (DVD)

# NODAPL Teach-In for Standing Rock: a teach-in on the Oceti Sakowin Oyate’s (The Great Sioux Nation) resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in conjunction with the NY Stands with Standing Rock Collective. Indigenous scholars fromacross the country place the Standing Rock struggle in a historical context of American Indians struggle for sovereignty against settler colonialism and capitalism. (Two CDs)

Broken Rainbow, the film: indigenous peoples fight against their dislocation and expropriation of their land by the energy companies and their government allies(DVD)

They Came Before Columbus, a detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in ancient America centuries before Columbus(DVD).

Trail of Tears, the film: the genocidal policy and forced removal by the military of thousands of Cherokees from their homes in the Southeastern U.S.(DVD)

Indigenous Peoples History of the U.S., the more than ten hour and audiobook: a history of the United States told from the perspective of indigenous peoples and which reveals the Native Americans centuries of resistance to the expansion of the U.S. empire.(Audiobook)

The Doctrine of Discovery, the film: reveals the doctrine of ancient Christendom, supported by papal edicts, which continues to serve as the conceptual foundation of the political and legal system of the U.S. and other dominating political systems in the world over original nations(DVD).

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