Sonia Barrett Pack - Video, Audio Book and 7 Day Program- MUST LEAVE EMAIL
Sonia Barrett Pack - Video, Audio Book and 7 Day Program- MUST LEAVE EMAIL
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7 Day Program: (download)
Simple Ways to step outside of your comfort zone - Letting go of an outdated

7 Day Program Includes:
An e-book – includes charts/questioners to assist in charting your course
14 videos (10 minutes each) for each day – twice per day
1 video for morning and 1 for evening
14 audio/mp3 of video content (Listen on the go)
Audio – 90 minute Mp3 of Stepping outside of your comfort zone Webinar
Download to your computer! Experience this course at your own convenience!

We hold countless conditioning in our minds about who we are and what is
possible. Through this program you will explore and lay to rest limiting
concepts that seem to run interference in your movement towards more expansive


Audio book: (download)
The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter

The Holographic Canvas explores many possibilities one of which raises the
question "is Earth as we know it but a matrix or system of programs? Is death
then a necessary process or is it simply part of the matrix program? Is it then
possible that the concept of dying will cease to exist once humanity uncovers
the deception?"

Sonia Barrett proposes that human bodies are vehicles not yet turned on but
designed to make molecular modifications according to the vibration of our
consciousness. She takes us on a journey of our existence in a holographic
world, as she states "a virtual game; an assortment of illusions strung together
by the brain and the mind. It's an exploration of the illusion of a solid world
generated by fluid movements against a canvas of energy, all of which is taking
place against the backdrop of the void." Barrett concludes that the answers are
all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history
is encoded in our cells, DNA and the air we breathe.

Video (download)

The Surrender - 5 hour Program

The lecture was about recognizing and removing the masks in order to discover
deeper levels of who we truly are. Sonia took the group on a journey of
dismantling old religious and spiritual programs which may no longer serve the
current level of their journey. Sonia also shares mediation techniques she
discovered on her own not having any clue on how to meditate in the early stages
of her spiritual quest. She discussed the science of possibilities and
potentials. Surrendering to freedom from external packaging of what your
potentials are as an unlimited being.


Sonia Barrett is the executive producer of the award winning documentary The
Business of Disease.
Sonia Barrett is known for her cutting edge insights with much of it supported
by quantum physics. Theoretical Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami refers to her as a
true mystic. Her work bridges the gap between science and spirituality in a
simplified format. She addresses the programming, beliefs and concepts by which
we have lived our lives both individually and collectively.

Sonia Barrett is the author of The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and
Matter and her second book, A Journey of Possibilities. She is also the
publisher of the book Health: An Inside Job an Outside Business (a supplement to
the film- each chapter is written by those in the film) and her latest book and
7 Day Program, Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone; Letting go of
an outdated life.
She has been a popular radio guest appearing on such shows as Coast 2 Coast AM
with host George Noory, Red Ice Radio, Conscious Media Network/Gaia TV and a
host of others..
Sonia Barrett has been a Key note speaker at such conferences as the Alchemy
Conference, Conscious Life Expo, the ISSSEEM conference, Conspiracy Con, The Bay
Area UFO Conference and more. She has appeared on panels with such visionaries
as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, Dr. Jacob Liberman, Amit Goswami Ph.D, Rev. Michael
Beckwith and others.
She has appeared in a number of documentaries, Openings; a search for Harry,
Ghetto Physics the movie Co-produced by E Raymond Brown and Will Arntz (Producer
of What the Bleep do we know) iTHINK, and soon to be released Punk Science the
Movie, produced by Dr. Manjir Samantha-Laughton.
“Recognizing our spiritual and perceptual boundaries and comfort zones is a
major factor in our quest for answers. In general we are unaware of what we
don’t know and the distance widens even further when we are affixed behind a
barrier of limiting beliefs. Reality is a great science that has no boundaries
only those that we create for our comfort. There is no right or wrong way to
grow but it can be of tremendous assistance in recognizing the limitations which
hold us bound. ” Sonia Barrett

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