The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Forces That Bring Riches to You- Book
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Forces That Bring Riches to You- Book
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This book is the result of several recent recessions and many years of lean
living. Nobody likes recessions and nobody likes lean living - and indeed nobody
should like them. For fifteen years I tried to find such a book as this one.
During those years of searching the bookshelves, I found that there are many
books which give various ideas, but in none of them did I find a set of compact,
simple laws for assuring success. I began searching for a book such as this
after having been widowed and left with a small son to rear and educate. Since I
had no training for work and no means of income, I would have given anything to
have known then about the power of prosperous thinking. For a while I
experienced depression, ill health, loneliness, financial lack and a sense of
complete failure. It seemed that the whole world was against me, and that
everything that I did went wrong. But with my son to provide for, I could not
settle for failure. I had to succeed for his sake as well as for my own.
Finally, when I was at my lowest ebb emotionally, physically and financially, I
learned about the power of thought as an instrument for success or failure. I
came to realize that the right use of my mind could become the key to healthy,
happy, prosperous, successful living. As soon as I grasped this wonderful
success secret, the tide began to change! This book plainly shows how prosperous thinking has helped people in every walk of life to experience these results. Furthermore, it shows how prosperous thinking can do these things for you, too!

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