The Revolutionary Paul Robeson 4 DVDs + 2 CDs
The Revolutionary Paul Robeson  4 DVDs + 2 CDs
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2 DVDs – Award winning documentaries of Paul Robeson's extraordinary life and accomplishments, blending his cultural and social forms of activism for revolutionary change with archival footage of Robeson and analysis and commentary by John Hendrik Clark; Ossie Davis; Harry Belafonte and other brilliant performers. activists and "fellow travelers".

2 DVDs – Four of Robeson's favorite, feature films, those that he never repudiated, as politically retrograde and which carried a political messages that was emblematic of this which he dedicated his life to: “Proud Valley”, where the working class miners unite to fight the powers that be for workers’ rights; "Jericho", escaping prosecution by the U.S. military, he flees to Africa amongst his people for social and economic uplift; and ”Native Land” the intersectionality of civil and labor rights struggles for freedom and equality in the 1930's produced by radicals Leo Hurwitz and Paul Strand; and "Big Fella" virtually unseen in the US until the Library of Congress restored this 35mm nitrate print film in the best tradition of British musical, which received great critical success for its sensitivity of character and its musical numbers. This film offers a veiled criticism of the English class structure.

2 CDs . When the Spirit Moves You: songs that fire up your soul, the best of Paul Robeson’s music, including the live performances at the historic “Peace Arch Concerts of 52 and 53, organized after Robeson’s passport was revoked and where U.S. and Canadian labor activists organized a support rally right on the borderline between the two countries . Dr. Gerald Horne, the country’s leading historian discusses Paul Robeson, lessons from a revolutionary artist then and now and also Paul Robeson's testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)

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